Ecuador’s Chocolate Secret Is a Sustainable Reality 3/5

11 Jun

Ecuadorian chocolatiers making inroads internationally and in the United States include:

About Kallari 100% farmer-owned, single- source chocolate produced by a coalition of 850 Kichwa families in the Napo region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. A delicate flavor with an extended finish and hints of fruit.

They say: “We are the only chocolate maker that plants our own trees, cares years for each tender seedling and makes chocolate with fresh beans. Our ancestors brought cacao to the world. We reclaim our heritage by bringing you the world’s best chocolate.”

Find out why planting several varietals of cocoa make the groves more sustainable and contributes more depth in the flavor profile of the chocolate.

Learn why screening cocoa beans helps improve the flavor of chocolate.

The Ascendex Mining Corporation has purchased the gold concessions of over 70,000 hectares of the Upper Napo River Basin from the Ecuadorian government. The above picture shows one of their gold strip mining sites, which is only a few hundred meters from the Napo River .



Kallari ( : ) is the only farmers’ cooperative in the world that harvests, markets and profits from its own line of organic chocolate. Kallari organic dark chocolate is produced by a coalition of 850 indigenous Kichwa families in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Source there website, facebook.

PS I never tasted there chocolate so I just have a imagination about it. Please feel free to send me some, thanks.



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