How close can you be…

21 Jun

How close can you be to a dream.

Last week I received this wonderfull mail from Tom Ohito Zukoshi
Adi Chocolate Fiji

Big Bula Geert!
Just came back from cacao jungle. Mission was to assess plantation for the
revitalization. Villagers told me the plantation was right there at the foot
of the overcast mountain only 20 minuets walk. No wonder why village …
chief decided to ride a horse. We walked 2 hours on the slippery jungle
trail under the light rain go through several heavy river crossings. It was
5 in the late afternoon we finally reached at the 100 acre 21 years old
plantation. I said to myself “only the pure hope drove me to here”. Giant
koko trees without any flowers. many rat eaten pods already turned black.
All of us tried to look for a flower or a pod as a proof of todays mission.
May be a only magic card against koko devil who manipulated my motivation to
walk into this jungle to test the chemistry between chocolate and me.
Couldn’t find any. But I found Fijian rainforest jungle coffee trees. Devil
laughed. We walked back in the dark. with a few thorns on my feet cold and
 tired. I drove back to my house at 1 am. Crushed on the bed and woke up in
 the morning and found out. Adi Chocolate is on your blog page!. Chocolate
Devil are tricky but always make us strong and wiser though.
 Thanks Geert!!

We never add chemicals. but we always add laughter and love.

Owner : Tomo and Harumi

Tom write: “I am certain that the different process of the cane sugar make Fiji
chocolate or any other chocolate differ. Fiji is famous for sugarcane and
produce 130,000tonnes per year of sugar export to EU. I am very selective
about the sugar. I use darker ones for maple cantaloupe taste and light
one for honey taste to my couverture. This season’s sugarcanes looks a
bit late because they already have brilliant silky silverly flower, but for sure will give us beautiful taste. Can’t wait start to squeeze them…”
Thanks to Tom and his facebook, learning always about how to be gentle to NATURE


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