ChocoLate Orgániko

27 Jun

From a small Madrid-based boutique chocolatier comes the  ChocoLate Orgániko. Made of 100% organic chocolate sourced in the Caribbean, the brand boasts too many cool sweets to list.

I received last month some samples, most of them I still have to discover, but already some tasting and pictures  Produced with Oil of Essence of Lavender; an explosion of aromas that combine with the acid and bitter nuances of 70% chocolate.

Smooth, creamy, intense and perfumed. Produced with 100% natural ingredients to bring out their flavour.

Soft and very creamy chocolate that, when it melts, leaves a delicate sensation in the mouth. A pinch of Fleur de Sel of Ibiza and one almond.


There’s green anise, fleur de sel, olive oil, and Ethiopian coffee beautifully paired with rich, deep dark chocolate. There’s also a white chocolate collection which sees this sweet variety matched with lemon and red pepper or honey and almonds, among other tantalizing flavors. Bon bons, cocoas, and a whole plethora of mixed collections are also on their list, all creatively fused with inventive ingredients.

 not for people who don’t like bitter or dark chocolate.

And then there is the design. Like the purity of ChocoLate Orgániko, the design too is minimalist though its simplicity still shouts. The graphic packaging is full of bright colors and rad typeface that is hard to miss. But with chocolate this good, you won’t want to anyway.




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