Why is it so difficult to do? (some time ago a question from Joanna Miles)

15 Jul

These are the provide guidlines for the tempering of couverture from Valrhona, such as the Tropilia noir, Equatoriale noir.

1.You have the melting: melt all the couverture for about 12 houres: this is crucial to ensure that the cocoabutter is properly melted.

2.Check that the temperature is between 131/136°F   55/58°C

3. Temper the required amound of couverture, making sure that you always have some warm couverture in reserve.

4. Stir the mass regularly and check that it is at crystallisation temperature 82/84°CF    27-28/29°C

5. Stop cooling the mass and immediately raise the temperature to 88/90°C    31/32°C,

a/ by adding warm couverture at 131/136°F
b/ warming it in bain-marie
c/ warming it in the microwave oven (400/500 max, so an not to burn it)
6. Check that the couverture is at working at 88/90°F   31/32°C, and stir the mass regularly to ensure the temperature, and thus cristallisation, is evenly distributed.


If you should have new moulds, keep them out of the fridge and make sure that these are proper, clean theme always with cotton. Make sure one’s moulded to store theme for about 30′ at a cool and dry place between 12/18°C.

Normaly this is wath you should do to have a perfect result!

If not don’t forget practice is the best way to gave these results…


Lots of succes Joanna and greetings from Geert.


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