15 Sep

WILLIE’S CHOCOLATE BIBLE by Willie Harcourt-Cooze (Hodder & Stoughton, £25)

Willie Harcourt-Cooze bought his Venezuelan cacao plantation, Hacienda El Tesoro, in 1995, thus embarking on a 15-year love affair with the cacao bean. El Tesoro had been going since 1640, so Harcourt-Cooze is a relative newcomer, but his boundless enthusiasm for cacao is equal to anything felt by the Aztecs, who started the whole chocolate thing thousands of years ago. Harcourt-Cooze’s speciality is his drug-like Venezuelan Black cacao bars – irresistible, but not at all like Cadbury’s Dairy Milk; no, Harcourt-Cooze is promoting a new chocolate philosophy, the essence of which can be found in his latest book. Here are hundreds of chocolate recipes, from pastries and puddings to meat dishes and drinks. European hot chocolate is reminiscent of the Spanish breakfast drink soaked up with sugary churros; add chilli powder and you have what made the Aztecs so fiery.

His chocolatbars are quitte special, (I have some at my shop) and I shall write about them later…

Chocolate greetings 😉    Geert


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