Original Beans & sustainability.

16 Sep

Original Beans‘ „The Planet: Replant It“ subsidizes farmers for replanting. In turn poor rice fields transform into rich agroforests.

In my shop quitte a few people ask me about Original Beans and there support to local community farmers.

Landscape of “La Tranquilidad” view Beni Wild Harvest, Bolivia in a larger map

How about there ongoing conservation efforts to the rainforest and wath exacly mean sustainability for the chocolatefarmers.


The protection, use and improvement of natural resources according to principles that will assure their highest economic and social benefits.

New reforeste area with cacao in La Tranquilidad. Shade trees and cacao are growing together.

sustainable development

The management and conservation of the natural natural base, and the orientation of technological and institutional change, in such a manner as to ensure the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs for present and future generations. It conserves land, water, plant and animal genetic resources, is environmentally non-degrading, technically appropriate, economically feasible and socially acceptable.

Arbol Cacao Porcelana Cepicafe Perú

Arbol Cacao Porcelana Cepicafe Perú

sustainable land use

Land use that achieves production sufficient to meet the needs of present and future populations while conserving or enhancing the land resources on which that production depends.

sustained yield

In forestry, the annual volume of wood products that a forest can produce continuously under a given system.

Watch Harrison Ford explain why losing rainforests there, can be felt here. In short: burning tropical forests accounts for more carbon dioxide emissions than all traffic – airplanes, cars, ships – put together.

Here is what we can do: For every small farmer who replants cacao and other trees, rather than slashing and burning another hectare, we save some 800 tons of carbondioxide, or the equivalent of annual exhaust from 160 cars flying off from there to here. The Planet : Replant It!

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