Bonbons in Amsterdam “Chocolátl”

20 Oct

Nice things happened during the Single Origin Chocolate Event in Amsterdam on 18th October 2011. The Chocolate Man invited me to presenting my bonbons at this exclusif event at Huize Frankendael. Not just my bonbons but the one’s made with the single origin couverture of the invited companies.

The purpose of this event was to put attention to the fine taste and taste difference of origin chocolates, telling there story of the different brands and chocolate makers, and having the opportunity to the visitors to meet the Real Chocolate Men.

There was no competition going on between the brands, they where telling us all different, authentic stories.

During the pause and the after talks I could tell my storie why working with these wonderfull chocolates is more than a passion, so I did. The people hade the oppertunity to taste and to buy. The question is ask’t more then one’s where in the future could we buy these wonderfull bonbons?

Good for me and for Erik Spande of Chocolátl we could solve this problem with presenting these bonbons in his shop Hazenstraat 25-A 1016 SM Amsterdam.

On this very moment they have a small collection, just to try out how it works, in the future we could have some more to offer and maybe not only bonbons but some other “sweet delights”.

The Chocolate Men invited for this event where: Original Beans Philipp Kaufmann, Pacari Santiago Peralta, Grenada Chocolate Company Mott Green and Metropolita Deli Amsterdam.

Thanks to Erik Sauër of El Sauco and Erik Spande for thise event.

following are the pictures of the chocolates available in Amsterdam:

 Ganache Pacari 80% couverture

 Ganache Pacari 70% “Raw”

 Ganache 60% nib-a-licious Dark & Milk

 Milk OB: Cru Virunga, Beni Wild & Piura Porcelana

 Dark OB: Cru Virunga, Beni Wild & Piura Porcelana


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