First bonbons with Madre chocolate, spicy and sweet.

27 Oct


Our chocolate is now available at one of the most celebrated chocolatiers in Belgium, Patisserie Vercruysse (Share what is great and good in the world!). Thanks for all the support of bean-to-bar chocolate makers like us, Geert! We are honored to be carried in your shop with such great company and can’t wait to see the amazing truffles you create with our chocolate.

Thanks Nat & Elliot for sharing this chocolate so far to Belgium, finally some Hawaiian origin for my clients, my first clients who where buying today are from Portugal (visiting an international event in Kortrijk), they loved it !!!

Truly amazing chocolate from traditional recipes, artisan-crafted with organic, fair and direct trade cacao, that supports cacao farmers & communities livelihoods.

For my first recipie I used the Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger, so overwelming it is, you have to love it.

I have been enrobing them with the Madagascar 64% 72H conche of Felchlin a Grand Cru Chocolate made of Trintario noble cocoa with the mark of origin Sambirano, Madagascar, so chocolate only for the best.

The milk version I used Valrhona’s Guanaja lactée 41%

Always satisfied with a good result, should you not if you may work with the nature of chocolate?


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