Selected Chocolates for December 2011

28 Nov

Finally I have my Selection bonbons for December, available in my shop, Amsterdam and London.

To experience what gourmet chocolate can do for all your senses, visit Erik of Chocolatl in Amsterdam and Patricia of La Fromagerie in London.

Presentation in plastic portable chess box, wellcrafted & attracttive pieces, clean & easy on the eyes by moderate sheen; uniform size & shaped to look like mahjong tiles au noir; ditto color transfer tops all lined up in neat rows if technically imperfect; overall, so far so good. (source: The Daily Review Boxed Chocolate Review of Mark Christian C-spot)

Flavor: delimited by design. Primarily a series of single-origin ganaches, the equivalent of a Grand Palet d’Or Tour Around the World of Premium Cacáo, with only a few containing inclusions for change of pace / taste. (source: The Daily Review Boxed Chocolate )

For enrobing the dark bonbons I used the Chocolate Fortunato N°4 68% of Marañón with 100% Pure Nacional Cacao

For my milkchocolate bonbons I used of Felchlin the Grand Cru Maracaibo Criolait 38%, couverture made of noble cacao from the region Sur del Lago, Venezuela.


 Valrhona 57%: ginger, cinnamon, anise, cardamom

 Casa Luker 65% Colombia Santander

 Pacari Ecuador 80%

 Grenada Chocolate Company 71%

 Pacari Ecuador 70% Raw

 Pacari 60% raspberry & caramelized cacaonibs

 Madre Hawai coconut milk & caramelized ginger

 Original Beans Piura 75%

 El Ceibo Bolivia 71%

 Marañón Peru Fortunato N°4  68%

 Milk Madre coconut milk & caramelized ginger

 Milk El Ceibo Bolivia 71%

 Milk Felchlin Venezuela Maracaibo 49%

 Milk Original Beans Bolivia Beni Wild 68%

 Milk Felchlin BIO Elsevia Rep. Dom. 42% & cacaonibs

 Milk Akesson’s Madagascar 75% & Black pepper

 Milk Felchlin BIO Elsevia 74% & Aceto Saporoso

 Milk Felchlin Elsevia Rep. Dom. 74% BIO

These bonbons are always made by myself and only by myself, chocolate is one with my life; alive, living with joy. I just don’t want to make the chocolate complicated. I feel it is important to keep chocolates handmade, by my own hand, so this creates a limit. If the customer can enjoy the chocolates, it is this satisfaction that gives me the energy to continue my work.

Please feel free to enjoy and to share this feeling with many others

Your sincerely chocolatier.


One response to “Selected Chocolates for December 2011

  1. withgustobe

    28/11/2011 at 21:05

    They all look amazing and I know they all taste super amazing as well.
    Culinary greetings,



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