Traceable Origins: Chocolate thought to be extint rediscovered in Peru.

15 Dec

DAN PEARSON was working in northern Peru two years ago with his stepson Brian Horsley, supplying gear and food to mining companies, when something caught his eye.

The Discovery of Pure Nacional: (Dan Pearson tells the story of the discovery of Pure Nacional, Fortunato No. 4 at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) during the launch of this thought to be extinct chocolate.)

Single Pure Nacional plant Nursery Pure Nacional branch Cacao Tree With Mature Pods Extracting Beans Pod with Beans Bean Fermantation Hand Inspection of Beans Dried Cacao Beans Beans Prepared to Ship 1897 Longitudinal (Langsreiber) Conche Fortunato Chocolate

These photos are owned by Katherine Page and licensed exclusively to
Sovereign Global Marketing, Inc., owners of the brand name Marañón Chocolate.

These photos show the precise steps that guarantee traceability from sprouted seed to finish Fortunato No. 4, Pure Nacional chocolate made in Switzerland. The root system sprouted seeds are placed in our nursery, grafted with Pure Nacional, grown to maturity, the 40% white beans are harvested harvested, fermented, dried, packaged and shipped Switzerland where the chocolate is made the 1879 longitudinal conch and formed into 1.1 pound bars. Elite chocolatiers and pastry chefs shaped these bars into the chocolates creations we all love.




Bonbons made with the wonderfull Fortunato N°4-68% cacao mass, cane sugar and cocoa butter.

Fortunato N°4 Peru homemade bars:



Two bars of 25g in clear packaging with included 2 cocoabeans of wild cacao.

For more information please visit:




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