Chocolate Wellness, Christmas and New Year gateaux

29 Dec

Wellness in Chocolateheaven

Some people like to experiment with chocolate and cake and this is why I share not only pictures but for one’s also a recipie on demand.

As you find on number 3 the Wellness Chocolate Gateaux, I share the chocolate mousse with the Rio Hiumbi Felchlin and the Pacari Raw 70% dark chocolate mousse

We also need a cake (sponge-biscuit): a / 500g egg white, 100g fine sugar

                                  b / 500g fine almond powder, 500g powdersugar and 125g of plain flower

Whipping a/ 10 min and with hands finally slowly b/ the powders in first whipped egg white and sugar.

This recipie is for one 60x40cm bakingplater of 1cm hight.

In the oven about 12 min by 190°C, cool of on the table.

On this biscuit you may add a croustillant of praliné: 600g praliné (60% hazelnuts-almonds) 125g cacaobutter, 125g éclat d’or (crunchy biscuits) this recipie could do for a nice layer 60 x 40 cm.

INTERIEUR CHOCOLATEMOUSSE: Ecuador Rio Hiumbi 42% Felchlin

pate a bombe: 240g yolks, 100g eggs, 180g fine sugar, 120g wather mixing and microwave max 75°C, whipping till 35°C and then adding the melted gelatine and the melted (40°C) 1kg couverture. One’s a nicely emulsion add the fleurette or whipped 1 liter double cream.


Anglaise: 600g double cream 35%, 600g fat milk, 220g egg yolks and 150g fine sugar max 75°C

Add the couverture Pacari Raw 70% 1300g and slowly (max 40°C important) the 2200g double cream 35% “fleurette” or whipped otherwise.

Find out on the pictures how its made or send me your questions, or better come over to help me someday with making it if you please…

Hope you like it 😉



One response to “Chocolate Wellness, Christmas and New Year gateaux

  1. Peter

    29/12/2011 at 23:06

    You’ve heard of a sugar coma, if I should eat this it would be a chocolate coma, what a way to go… for a few moments. Death by chocolate is something totally different, don’t want to experience that!



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