Growing of cacao in Convento. (ECUADOR)

21 Jan

Found this nice mail few weeks ago in my mailbox, like to share it.

Dear Geert, I found your blog and read the article about cacao in Ecuador, also your web page and found most of them very interesting and delightfull for the eyes….so  I can imagine it will be the same with your hand made chocolate…..delightfull for the senses.
I am attaching a photo of a jewelry piece we were commisioned by the President of the Junta Parroquial de Convento, Manabi.
I thought its something you would like to see because it was a present for the Major of Viry Chatillon, France when she was coming for a visit in july.
Both cities signed an agreement of cooperation in a project to improve the growing of cacao in Convento.
The design is made on a slice of tagua nut (the other ivory), fresh water pearls, sterling silver is the back, and the leather lace. It can be worn as a brooch also.
I am part of studioloor, we are from Manabi and use the tagua nut as one of the main beautifull materials in our jewelry designs. 
Hope you enjoy it.
Silvia Loor

Greetings Geert
PS last week there was a article in our newpaper (Belgium was donating) on a important victorie for humanitie “Oil in Yasuni National Park in Ecuador stay’s underground”.

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