Chocolate Week London 2012

03 Oct


Chocolate Unwrapped

13th-14th October 2012

A two day chocolate show featuring top chocolatiers and chocolate companies from around the world.

During this great event Chocolate Ecstasy Tours (Jennifer Earle) is following some of my products, I’m very greatfull to her and would like to support her, I really hope you all support her with buying some of my best chocolates, bars or other exciting products! Thanks and enjoy this wonderfull event.

Foto Selection “6”&”12″


Truffels Special 90% nocciola Piemonte “tonda gentile”, cacaopowder not alkalized “ElCeibo”.


Fortunato & cranberries, pommegranate, goji, pistachios and Grenada milk 38% & hazelnuts.

Fortunato 68% 2x25g.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Chocolate Ecstasy Tours guide locals and tourists around London to some of the finest chocolate shops for the ultimate chocolate experience.

Founded in 2006 by Jennifer Earle, a true chocoholic, she and her specially-selected chocoholic guides share their passion for all things chocolate with fellow chocolate lovers and offer a VIP treatment into the dark (and milk) side of the very best chocolate in London.

Whether you’ve lived in London your whole life or you’re just visiting, spend time a few hours relaxing and enjoying a walk around gorgeous London side streets and alleys, spoiling yourself with some of the most incredible chocolate in the world. On the exclusive Chocolate Ecstasy Tours for you and a maximum of 12 other people, you will receive special attention and learn all the chocolate secrets London has to offer.


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3 responses to “Chocolate Week London 2012

  1. mics

    09/10/2012 at 09:50

    Dear Geert,

    These are fantastic-looking chocolates! Are you attending the event yourself?
    For anyone who can’t quite make it to London or Kortrijk for that matter, are you willing to ship some of your chocolates overseas?
    Have a nice week and take care!


    • Geert Vercruysse

      09/10/2012 at 14:27


      thanks for this nice compliment. The Chocolate Week – Chocolate Unwrapped, is a very important event for me, but the thing is for me its very difficult to attending this event, this is why Chocolate Ecstascy Tours (Jennifer Earle) is attending for two days on this fair. She is very devoted to fine chocolate and so she does sell some of my products.
      If it should be that you are not in the position to visit the Chocolate Unwrapped, there is always a way to buy products by mail.
      The best way is to contact me on, this is my professional mailadres for shipping abroad.
      Feel free to contact me or for questions on the chocolates, if you should visit Jennifer Earle, do give her my greetings 🙂
      Have a nice day,
      Vercruysse Geert!/gvercruysse!/pages/Share-what-is-great-and-good-in-the-world/122760541086703


  2. mics

    10/10/2012 at 11:38

    Dear Geert,

    Thank you for your kind response!
    If ordering some of these chocolates by mail is indeed possible, that would be great.
    I suppose not all would ship well, but hope something can be worked out.
    I will get in touch via that mail address, then.
    Thank you for your help 🙂

    Have a nice day!



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