The best cocoa in the world is piurano.

06 Nov

Source: October 16, 2012  News – Communications Piura

Venezuela is not the only country known for cocoa. Peru, with its cocoa Piura, has reached the same fame of Venezuela and its product is applied by the world’s most demanding chocolate. The Quemazón cocoa just get the Gold Award as the best cocoa in the world, during the contest held in London by The International Chocolate Awards 2012.

Eduardo Espinoza, producer of La Quemazón Cepicafé specialist in regard to cocoa, said that this award is a challenge, “not only for me but for all those who make up Cepicafe for producers to Piura and Peru. Producers, local, regional and central government, we must join forces and continue working to demand more in quality and to meet the requirements of each of the chocolatiers who buy our product. ”

The organizers decided to award the best source of cocoa, to go to the farmer, association, cooperative or locality that provides this product that delights the most discerning palates from all continents. With this decision of the jury, La Quemazón is the best area for the best cocoa production in the world.

Among the best in class chocolates

In regard to chocolates, dark plain on the category, the Chocolate Pacari of Ecuador won a Gold Award and Silver Award. The Gold Award winner, was made with 70% cacao Raw – Organic and Biodynamic, while the Silver Award winner, was made with 70% cocoa Piura-burning, produced in our region.

The Grand Final 2012 was held in London in Chocolate Week 2012, where finalists were presented 600 products from every continent, among those finalists Piura was the cocoa and chocolate cocoa produced in Ecuador to Piura.


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