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01 Oct



Chocolate tasting 02/10/2014 voor PNB Paribas Fortis

1/ Banus White Chocolate (minimum 30% cacao)

Made with pure cocoa butter and cane sugar. Its taste is clean without saturating the palate. The aroma is floral with lactic hints from the best milk.Banus was born of the experience of two young entrepreneurs who are passionate about the world of cocoa and chocolate. We make our chocolates from a selection of the best organic cocoa plantations. They are the result of research on fermentation of the beans.Our production process is studied with passion and careful craftsmanship. Cocoa, pure cocoa butter and sugar cane are the essential ingredients to create the fine chocolate with aroma and flavor that you will find in our brand Banus Organic.

2/ Blanxart milk chocolate Brasil 36%

Didn’t know Spain made chocolate? Do you really think the conquistadors were looking for gold? Well they found it, black gold – delicious cocoa. Blanxart has the secret of creating a world class chocolate. they select their own cocoa beans from Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroon, The Ivory Coast and Guinea, and then roast them to ensure the right blend, aroma and texture. After roasting and refining the beans, fresh all natural ingredients are blended in to create one of the best quality chocolates in the world. Their rustic, award-winning packaging reflects the natural, hand-made process.

3/ Hoja Verde 50% dark-milk chocolate

Deze 50% dark chocolate & milk is niet zo zoet als de meeste andere melkchocolades. Je proeft nog heel goed de cacao en de room in de chocolade.

De chocolade is gemaakt van 100% biologisch gecertificeerdenacional cacaobonen. De vermaarde verfijnde bonen uit Ecuador. Minder dan 30% van de totale cacao productie is aromatisch en daarvan hebben de Nacional cacaobonen uit Ecuador het hoogste percentage aroma. Op de plantages wordt er rekening gehouden met de instandhouding van de natuurlijke hulpbronnen en het milieu. De nacional cacaobomen groeien tussen/onder de tropische planten en bomen, waardoor er een natuurlijk evenwicht is. Dit is beter voor zowel de boer als het milieu op de lange termijn.

4 / Banus Caribbean Origen Dark Chocolate (minimum 62% cocoa)

This chocolate is made from selected cocoa from the Caribbean Islands.
Its flavor is typical of Trinitario cocoa, with mild, aromatic and persistent hints.

5/  The Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-Licious 60% Chocolate

This bar does have a complex flavour in that the naturally acidic of the Grenada chocolate is reduced a great deal with the use of the sugar and cocoa butter but then taken in a slightly different direction by the cocoa nibs that are included into the mix and can be visibly seen as you unwrap the bar from its foil. In terms of flavour notes I found it to be mainly banana and mangoes which was a delight and seemed to produce a Caribbean punch like experience. Furthermore, this bar is suitable for vegans and is gluten free.

6/ Taza stoneground chocolate Dominican 70% Dark

Handcrafted in small batches from single origin Dominican cacao, this bar strikes the perfect balance of bitter with sweet. Bright red-berry notes blend with a hint of biodynamic vanilla, and stone refining leaves a subtle, intriguing texture in the bar. 100%

7/ Pralus biologique 75% Tanzania

Francois Pralus is een ware meester in het maken van chocolade. Hij is een van de weinigen in Frankrijk die nog zelf zijn eigen chocolade maakt. Voor de cacao reist hij de hele wereld rond op zoek naar de allerbeste kwaliteit en de beste plantages, met name uit Zuid-Amerika en Indonesië. Inmiddels heeft hij ook een eigen plantage in Madagaskar.

Tanzania: spicy, woody, floral, long on the finish. Woody and spicy flavours are most notable in our Tanzania bar. Forastero-type trees growing in volcanic soil along with a slow roasting of the beans result in a chocolate with a range of flavour profile.

8/  Marou: DONG NAI 72%

It begins like an evocative tale from old Indochina with two French émigrés crossing paths for the first time while trekking through a Vietnamese jungle. But that’s how the co-founders of Marou — Faiseurs de Chocolat first met.

This chocolate Dong Nai 72%  is made with cocoa that is produced at MAROU’s own cacao fermentation and drying station near Cat Tien Natural Park in Dong Nai province, making it a very rare ‘pod-to-bar’ chocolate. This chocolate is mild with surprising notes of Spice.

9/ Kallari 75% Cacao – Hints of passion fruit and cloves.

Kallari is committed to community viability and economic growth, through knowledge sharing, the preservation of Kichwa cultural traditions and natural resource conservation.

Kallari (Kahl-ya-di) is the Kichwa verb that means “to begin” or “to commence”. Kallari also refers to the beginning times, or how our ancestors used to live. Our effort is a new beginning to empower future generations, meanwhile remembering the traditions of our Nation.

10/ Pacari 100% Raw

The 100% Cacao has hints of fruit and spices with a perfect balance of slight acidity and bitterness in the unsweetened cacao. All of the cacao ingredients in our raw chocolate are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavour profile of the natural cacao.


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