Are we really running out of chocolate?

09 Feb
Are we really running out of chocolate?

Amid the media hype over fears of a worldwide shortage of cocoa caused by surging chocolate consumption in emerging markets like India, China and Brazil, how are chocolate industry leaders addressing sustainability issues in the global supply chain? Certified cocoa

In their commercial arrangements, manufacturing companies are increasingly pressuring farmers to deliver cocoa beans produced in accordance with specified social and environmental standards set by certification schemes such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified.

Cocoa Farmer

In public, chocolate manufacturers talk of “100% sustainable cocoa” and of “empowering smallholder farmers” to build “thriving cocoa communities”.

In practice, however, they give few indications of how this is to be achieved. Rarely do we hear what is actually happening in the countries where cocoa is grown and how the people who rely on cocoa as their source of livelihood actually live.

It was to find out more about how the industry is addressing sustainability issues and…

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