Caoni River which is born in the rainforest of Ecuador.

16 Jan


Sinds kort volgen wij Caoni chocolade, maar dan enkel de drie origin 77% chocolades.


  • Bold chocolate flavor.
  • Very floral.
  • Balanced, neither bitter nor sour.
  • Spicy.
  • Prolonged, elegant after taste.


  • These beans are sweet; to the point that you will hardly believe it is a 77% cocoa chocolate.
  • Mild chocolate flavor at the beginning that intensifies to reach a stronger finish.
  • Perfectly balanced, neither bitter nor sour.
  • A bit spicy at the end.
  • Moderately prolonged gentle after taste.


  • Intense but balanced chocolate flavor from the first bite.
  • Slightly bitter.
  • Slightly sour.
  • Slightly spicy finish.
  • Moderately prolonged subtle after taste.

Caoni create single-origin, dark chocolates that express the natural flavors, aromas and textures that only “Arriba” cocoa beans can provide. “Arriba” beans are very rare, naturally grown in the same way for hundreds of years. Caoni´s hand selected “Arriba Cacao” never requires flavors changing additives such as vanilla to change its flavor.




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