Review: Geert Vercruysse Chocolates (*****) |

16 Feb

My faith in Belgian chocolate has been restored. And how… Quiet a while ago, I realised I’ve been told a big lie all my life. Belgian bulk chocolate may be better than average when compared to other foreign bulk producers, but it is meaningless when compared to the kind of product so many great artisan bean-to-bar producers create in the field of Single Origin chocolate. Next to the bars, Belgium is also renowned for chocolates. yeah, confusing, but this time I’m talking about “pralines”, ballotins, the type of chocolates that come in nice boxes. Chocolate filled with all sorts of ingredients. Well, I’ve eaten those all my life and if you are a sweet tooth, they are actually up your ally. But I know there is so much better out there. A while ago I finally had the opportunity to buy a selection of the chocolates Geert Vercruysse creates. Geert must be one of the most inspired persons in the Belgian chocolate world. In his view, quality is everything. So he creates these wonderful

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