Sagarana South Bahia Brasil

29 Mar

Sagarana Bahia Brasil in Belgium Kortrijk, delicious news for wonderfull chocolate.




29.03.2016 085

29.03.2016 086

Produced with raw material originating from the variety of Maranhão cocoa, grown in fantastic remaining area of the Atlantic Forest geen south of Bahia, within agroforestry cabruca system, Chocolade Origin Farm Sagarana COMES Conquering select Consumer markets worldwide.

Sagarana Farm is located in the Serra do Ribeirão disease Terto, municipality of Coaraci, South Bahia. Their specialty and goal the visitors’ cocoa growing variety of Maranhão to source chocolate production. This cocoa is exported to national and international chocolatiers like Bonnat Chocolatier een Voiron in France, which has existed since 1888. In addition to environmental preservation, Farm Sagarana also adopts socially sound practices: all employees hired as Brazilian labor legislation and entitled the participation in the financial results of the property.

Chocolate 100 % brasileiro…

Deze Sagarana chocolade kan best wedijveren met onze andere Braziliaanse Amma chocolade uit de winkel.


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