Cacao de Calombia

17 May

Sustainability for Cacao de Colombia


Cacao de Colombia is the bridge between local producers of quality cocoa beans and the international chocolate industry.

We work closely with local producers, cooperatives and organizations to obtain the best from cacao cultivars in each region of Colombia.

Technical and environmental training is at the heart of what we do. Cacao de Colombia helps growers improve their agricultural practices to achieve better quality, higher productivity and positive environmental impact. We also promote the use of post-harvest centrals to ensure proper fermentation and drying.

Cacao de Colombia also strives to protect genetic diversity and promote the development of new crops of fine cacao varietals through the conservation of traditional cacaos.

Through our labor, we want cacao growers to benefit from higher profits, consumers to enjoy better flavors, nature to flourish through greater diversity, and chocolate chefs around the world to benefit from a new source of unique, quality cocoa beans.

Our local involvement, technical expertise and global presence make Cacao de Colombia the perfect partner for cocoa and chocolate industrials seeking the highest quality Colombian cocoa beans and their optimal uses.



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