Foodensity op Instagram: “What is Camino Verde 🌿 Cacao? 

15 Oct

Craft chocolate 🍫 lovers often rely on information about cacao variety or origin before purchasing their next chocolate bar, but the reality is a little more nuanced than a combination of two specs.

Few organized farmers can offer to the market different versions of the same cacao by studying and tracing its genetics, environment, cultivation, and post-harvesting practices. That’s the vision adopted by Camino Verde in Ecuador. Of course, it all has to start with great cacao recognized for fine flavor—in this case, Nacional cacao.

Camino Verde produces 12 profiles of Nacional based on 3 basic profiles lines: floral, fruity, nutty. The profiles are obtained by harvesting in the specific lots that are already sectioned by tree age, genetics, soil, pod flavor and two other factors that are kept intentionally secret. Finally, the cocoa profile is revealed with a specific, controlled fermentation process.



Bekijk deze Instagram-foto van @foodensity • 10 vind-ik-leuks

Bron: Foodensity op Instagram: “What is Camino Verde 🌿 


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