25 Apr

To craft chocolate, time and attention to detail (the small print) are key. You first have to sort the beans. Think a few hours per 50KG sack. Then you have to roast (and sometimes pre-roast).

Think 20-30 mins in most cases, but realise that different bean sizes and varieties need different heats for different times. Then the roasted beans have to be cracked and winnowed (removing the shells from the roasted beans).

Think 1-2 hours per batch, and depending on the winnower (it can be a hair dryer …) lots of broken nails. Then grinding and concheing – which can be anywhere from 10 to 200 hours.

Then many chocolate makers will let their chocolate “rest” before tempering and moulding into bars (some will rest for weeks if not months).

Time is required. It’s all about coaxing flavour from the beans. And that takes time.

bron: Cocoarunners

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