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It’s a long journey from cocoa tree to chocolate.

It’s a long journey from cocoa tree to chocolate, but one always worth taking! Here are all the most crucial steps that see raw cocoa beans turning into shining chocolate bars:

HARVESTING. When the cocoa trees that grow in tropical climates start showing the first ripe cocoa pods, these are picked by farmers with a machete and collected right on the field. The cocoa pods are opened and their inside (cocoa beans + white mucilage) is collected inside big buckets and brought to the fermentation center.
FERMENTING. Together with the white mucilage that surrounds them, the beans are placed into large wooden boxes, and they are turned regularly throughout the following 3-5 days. The temperature inside the box raises naturally to 40-50°, enabling all the bacterial and yeast activities to take place.
DRYING. After some days in the fermentation box, the cocoa beans still contain a high level of moisture that needs to be removed to avoid molding. The beans are moved to outdoor patios or movable carros to dry outside under the sun for a few more days. Once dried, the beans are sorted, bagged and shipped.
ROASTING. When they receive their precious cacao, chocolate makers roast it for two main reasons: flavor development and sanitization. Times and temperatures will vary depending on the bean type and specific goal of each chocolate maker.
CRACKING & WINNOWING. After roasting, the outer shell of the beans becomes thin and brittle. The beans can then be cracked and the shells be winnowed from the cocoa nibs that will be used for the production of chocolate.
GRINDING & CONCHING. These two processes are often combined in one single machine, the melangeur. First, the nibs are ground into a thick paste known as cocoa mass. While the cocoa mass keeps being refined inside the melangeur, chocolate makers add all the other ingredients like sugar, milk or vanilla. This step will be completed when the desired texture and flavor are achieved.
TEMPERING. During this process, the temperature of the chocolate is raised and lowered to achieve the right consistency and the stabilization of the crystals. This is what gives the chocolate its traditional shine and sharp snap.
MOULDING. Once tempered, the melted chocolate is poured into the stylish molds and either tapped against a hard surface or put on vibrating platforms to remove air bubbles.
WRAPPING. When the chocolate has completely cooled down, the final bar is carefully inspected to meet quality standards, and then wrapped in foil or paper packaging to keep it fresh.
The chocolate is finally ready to be savoured and enjoyed. What a journey!

Original post by DENNIS VAN ESSEN


Fermentation & Flavor Development

In the chocolate industry, fermentation is considered one of the crucial steps for the development of all the amazing flavors we experience in fine chocolate. The harvested beans, still covered in their white pulp, are loaded into buckets and transported to a central fermentation area for processing, often mixed in with beans from neighboring farms. Farmers then transfer the cocoa beans to specialized fermenting “sweatboxes”, usually covering them with banana leaves. Here is where the magic happens, or rather where science and nature join forces to develop the precursors of all the chocolatey flavors we so adore.

The process works something like this: the sugars inside the white pulp – glucose, fructose and sucrose – are transformed into alcohol. The alcohol then turns into acetic acid that diffuses into the beans themselves. The chemical reactions involved in fermentation produce a significant amount of heat, making the pile of beans reach temperatures up to 55°C after a few days. The germ within the bean dies and this triggers the release of enzymes. These enzymes are important for the development of chocolate flavors. We can say that these naturally occurring microorganism kick-start the fermentation process, changing the sugars in the pulp to organic acids, and giving the beans their flavor.

After 2-3 days, farmers turn the pile over. This helps to ensure an even fermentation and introduces air into the fermentation process which, depending on the cacao variety, can last up to 7 days.

Fermentation has such a big impact on the cocoa beans that, even by using the same exact cocoa beans, results can vary widely when tiny changes are made during the fermentation process (how long the beans stay inside the boxes, how many times they are turned, etc). Some craft chocolate makers have fun experimenting with cacao that has been subjected to different fermentation protocols. The results are chocolate bars with completely different aromatic profiles, even if they are made with the exact same beans!



Welke chocolade gaan we morgen eten?

Welke chocolade gaan we morgen eten?

Creating awareness for a more direct trade and enhanced cocoa quality for the Democratic Republic of Congo. You want to know more? You want to be the first @patisserievercruysse to try a sample? Find out this weekend #sharewathisgreatandgoodinthisworld #geertvercruysse #kortrijk #doorniksewijk @zotocacao #rikolto #rdc #zoipapalexandratou #smallholders #kilimamwenza #manya — bij Share what is great and good in the world!


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Vegan, gluten free and soy free…

We simply love the bold, bright, and fruitier flavor of unroasted cacao beans. We couldn’t find these flavors in other chocolate since most of what is available is made with roasted cacao beans, so we decided to make our own.

We go for the yin and the yang, brighten up and cocoa for coconut #nongmo #usda #transparantie #limitedstock #canesugarfree #sharewathisgreatandgoodinthisworld #geertvercruysse #kortrijk #doorniksewijk115 #quality #sale #doorniksewijk


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Het gebrek aan smaak in supermarkchocolade.

Het gebrek aan smaak in supermarkchocolade

Je bent misschien gewend je chocolade in de supermarkt te halen. Dat is prima hoor, wij halen ook geregeld boodschappen in de supermarkt. Ze hebben er een groot assortiment, het is lekker dichtbij, makkelijk (zelfscan!)

Maar eigenlijk zou je dat in het geval van chocolade misschien beter niet te vaak doen. En dan hebben we het nog niet eens over welke repen nu echt eerlijk zijn, maar in eerste instantie puur over smaak.

De smaak van de gemiddelde supermarktreep is namelijk naar onze mening behoorlijk saai, en vlak. Dan hebben we het over standaard repen. Puur, melk of wit. Dus geen speciale gevulde creaties, of chocolades waar een smaakje bij zit.

Gooi er extra veel suiker in, en dan nog wat vanille-aroma erbij om de matige smaak van de cacao te verbloemen (je wil trouwens niet weten wat daar in kan zitten..) wordt elke reep zo’n beetje hetzelfde. En zit er een keer weinig suiker bij dan proef je weinig meer dan bitterheid.

De smaak van chocolade wordt in eerste instantie bepaald door de gebruikte bonen. En precies dat is iets waar de chocoladefabrieken graag op bezuinigen. Zo goedkoop mogelijk, en dus zonder al te veel te letten op de kwaliteit. De focus ligt op zoveel mogelijk oogst voor zo min mogelijk geld. Dan moet er weliswaar wat aroma bij om het eetbaar te maken, maar dat vinden deze makers echt niet zo’n punt.

En liefst presenteren ze méér oogst ook nog als duurzame oplossing. Want als de cacaoboeren nu eens meer gaan produceren, dan krijgen ze toch ook meer geld? Of is het vooral in het belang van de cacaobedrijven zelf?

Let wel, we generaliseren een beetje. Want ook in sommige grotere chocoladefabrieken wordt heus wel lekkere chocolade gemaakt, en meer produceren voor dezelfde moeite kán echt wel in het belang van de boer zijn.

Maar we kunnen je wel verzekeren: ook al staan er verschillende merkjes op, veel repen in en buiten de supermarkt komen uit dezelfde fabrieken. En qua smaak kunnen we je proefondervindelijk garanderen dat ze vrijwel zonder uitzondering vlak van smaak zijn.

Met dank aan Chocoladeverkopers


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Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –


Het zijn er teveel om op te noemen: alle smakelijke adressen die de Leiestreek in de aanbieding heeft. Een selectie van culinaire parels in en rond Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent.

Bron: Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –



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Fancy Chocolate versus Cheap Stuff

Put down the Hershey’s. Once you read this, you might not ever want to waste a dollar on one of those flimsy bars again.We understand that those artisan truffle chocolates and lavender-infused confections are a decadent and costly investment. We know you read online that dark chocolate had antioxidant-boosting power. And we bet you figured Nestle’s cheap dark chocolate morsels were enough to fit the bill.[related]

Bron: Fancy Chocolate Is Way Healthier Than the Cheap Stuff


Ruket – Cocoa Runners

Ruket is an Italian bean-to-bar small batch craft chocolate maker. Co-founders Marco and Alessandro were ice cream makers before making chocolate.

sinds maart 2017 te koop in onze winkel

Bron: Ruket – Cocoa Runners


You Can Now Say Your Chocolate Addiction…

Eating chocolate before meals may reduce your appetite, balance your blood sugar levels, and allow you to lose weight.

Bron: You Can Now Say Your Chocolate Addiction…


I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners…

I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin, used for sugar-free and zero-calorie products, instead of cane sugar, coconut sugar and panela, who are simply extracted from their plants and minimally processed 🌱🍚
The only reason I can give myself is that consumers don’t research any further. They associate claims like “zero-calories” and “sugar-free” with health choices, and that is all they need to know 👻💱
At the same time, God forbid companies make any effort to specify what they put in their stupid “healthier versions” in the place of sugar.
If you want to limit your amount of sugar in regards to eating chocolate, simply limit the quantity you ingest💁🍫
Go for 2 squares instead of 4. One bonbon instead of 3. Train your mind and become disciplined 🐘
It pays off way more than indulging in chocolate that tastes like crap and is full of chemicals.
What do YOU think of sugar-free chocolate? 👇

Bron: Sharon Terenzi op Instagram: “I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin, used for…”

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