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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

The secret of why we like to eat chocolate.

It may seem simple – we like chocolate because it tastes nice. But there’s more to it than that – and it relates to a balance that is set right from the very beginning of our lives.

Bron: The secret of why we like to eat chocolate – BBC News


We Eat The Seeds – The Slow Melt

Many of us have been eating chocolate since childhood, but few can recognize it in nature. In this episode, we start at the farm with the pod-shaped fruit and its bitter seeds.

Bron: Ep. 3: We Eat The Seeds – The Slow Melt


Cocoa’s shining light or a risky monocrop?

Cocoa and chocolate stakeholders highlight the advantages and potential pitfalls of high-yielding cocoa variety CCN-51. What part should it play in the industry’s drive for sustainability?

Bron: CCN-51: Cocoa’s shining light or a risky monocrop?


Flavors of Cacao – Flavor

Bron: Flavors of Cacao – Flavor


Wild Chocolate from the amazon

Bron: Wild Chocolate | Wild Chocolate from the amazon


The choc of the new | 1843

After centuries of exporting its finest cacao beans, Ecuador has produced a new generation of chocolatiers that is turning them into first-rate chocolate. Paul Richardson tastes the world’s best bars

Bron: The choc of the new | 1843


Extra Virgin Chocolate

K + M Extravirgin Chocolate preserves the potency of the cocoa bean while enhancing its health benefits by using EVOO as a main ingredient.

Bron: Thomas Keller’s Extra Virgin Chocolate

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