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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

Perfect Daily Grind

The Cacao and Coffee series: In coffee we refer to many of the varieties coming from Ethiopia and East Africa, the birthplace of coffee, as “heirloom” and not as each specific variety. There are so many varieties, and local names differ to internationally accepted names in any case.⁣

⁣We can say the same about wild cacao from the Amazon region. There are so many cacao varieties that people decide to call them wild cacao instead of Amelonado, Catongo, Trinitario, etc. These wild cacao varieties usually come with an exotic taste due to its nature, similar to heirloom coffee varieties. You could call it birthplace diversity explosion!⁣

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Tips for pairing chocolates and wine

Chocolate comes in many varieties much like wine. Many people can’t imagine pairing chocolate with a fine wine, but the complexity and differences of both can make for an exciting, flavorful match.

Choosing your pairs
It’s important to remember that most wine-pairing guidelines are just that… guidelines. There are no hard and fast rules. You may find that while you prefer dark chocolate with a nutty, roasty Cabernet, your equally wine- or food-savvy friend may go for a vintage Port. But if you’re a wine and chocolate-pairing novice, follow these quick tips to match your favorite decadence with just the right wine.

White chocolate pairings
White chocolate is mellow and buttery. Its flavor makes it ideal for softer wines like Sherry or an Orange Muscat. Some people also like it with a light (often white) Zinfandel.
Sherry increases the creaminess of white chocolate, while Orange Muscat picks up any light fruit tones that may be present in some white chocolates (depending on the maker). Zinfandel is actually a contrasting flavor because of its heavy tannin content, but some tasters appreciate the dynamic flavors. Overall white chocolates usually go best with dessert wines.

Milk chocolate
The creaminess of milk chocolate pairs with a Ruby Port, Pinot Noir or light-bodied Merlot (or other light-bodied, light-flavored wines). Dessert wines (Rieslings, Muscats, etc.) may also be a good complement. These types of wines pair well with milk chocolate because the mild tannin levels underscore the creamy flavor without overpowering it.

Dark or intense dark chocolate
Dark or bittersweet chocolate pairs with a variety of wines and often make some of the most interesting pairings. Since they’re often more complex themselves, they usually require a more complex wine to accompany them.

Look for a wine that’s a little more robust (maybe even a roast-y or nutty flavor). In fact, many wines, especially Cabernets and Zinfandels, often have their own hint of chocolate flavor. Try a robust Pinot Noir or full-bodied Merlot, a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Tawny or Vintage Port.

Wine & chocolate tasting
The best way to find out your favorite chocolate and wine combination is trial and error. Make it fun by hosting a chocolate and wine tasting with some of your friends. Just buy a selection of wines and fine chocolates and invite everyone to taste (starting with the lightest flavors first) and choose their favorites.


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via Cacao: Food of the gods turned into wine


Cacao: Food of the gods turned into wine


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Looking to improve your understanding of cacao and chocolate?


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How Much Caffeine Is in Chocolate?


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Bear in mind, this is all coming from essentially a waste product.

After spending years sourcing cacao for the biggest chocolate brands around the world, Rob Weidner discovered a little secret of the cacao industry.

Cacao farmers were eating the white fleshy center of the cacao pod, the part that no chocolate company was interested in. Yet, it was packed with nutrients. Even better, it was the part of the cacao pod that would normally go to waste. Traditionally, the beans were collected and the rest of the cacao fruit was chucked.


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Raw cacao contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants of any food in the WORLD. Anti-oxidants help…” • 

🙌🏼❤️Raw cacao contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants of any food in the WORLD.
Anti-oxidants help neutralize free radicals-which is a major cause of many degenerative diseases, cancer tumors, heart disease, and premature aging.
Raw cacao also contains the highest concentration of magnesium of any food in the world. 80% of Americans are deficient in MAGNESIUM- and as a result many are plagued with heart disease, joint problems, diabetes, and hypertension.

The mass production of chocolate includes pulverizing and roasting the beans, which destroys most of the flavanols that give your body the anti-oxidant boost it needs! This is why it’s important to buy QUALITY #cacao.
Toss a handful of cacao nibs or powder in your smoothies-or buy a delicious bar and nibble on it daily.

Bron: Cacao&Terra Nicaragua op Instagram: “


“Cocoa flavanols improve cognition in young adults and protect from cognitive decline in the elderly. 

Cocoa flavanols improve cognition in young adults and protect from cognitive decline in the elderly.
A review of randomized controlled trials found that people generally had enhancements in working memory performance and improved visual information processing after eating cocoa flavanols.

Eating cocoa after a night of total sleep deprivation actually counteracted the cognitive impairment that lack of sleep can cause.
One should be cautious about buying any dark chocolate brand because a recent study found many brands of dark chocolate have lead and cadmium levels that exceed safety standards.

Bron: The Cacao Obsessed op Instagram: “#Cocoa flavanols improve cognition in young adults and protect from cognitive decline in the elderly. A review of randomized controlled…” • Instagram


Cacao is eeuwenlang door de maya’s gebruikt in al hun…”

Uniek: beleef een authentieke Pangaia Cacao ceremonie op het Origin Chocolate Event!⠀ Cacao is eeuwenlang door de maya’s gebruikt in al hun riten, van geboorte tot dood, als plantleraar en als voertuig voor hun geneeskrachtige kruiden. In de ceremonie begeleid door Laura Shanaley Waya stemmen we af op de kwaliteiten van het hart, door middel van meditatie, zang, gebed, intentie, cacao en sharing. Tijdens de ceremonie wordt het ‘Pangaia Cacao Elixer’ geserveerd. Unique: Experie…nce a Pangaia Cacao Ceremony at the Origin Chocolate Event!⠀ Cacao has been used by the Maya in all of their rituals for hundreds of years as a plantteacher and as a vehicle for their medicines. In this ceremony, guided by Laura Shanaley Waya we tune into the qualities of the heart, with the help of meditation, song, prayer, cacao and sharing. A freshly prepared Pangaia Cacao Elixer is served during the ceremony.⠀

Amsterdam, Royal Tropical Institute, 21-10-2017, 10:00-18:00⠀
Early bird tickets:

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Boozy Chocolate Bars – Chilled Magazine

Raaka Chocolate has released a batch of spirited chocolates for the holiday season. They’re booze bars, if you will, and they’re perfect for chocoholics.

Bron: Boozy Chocolate Bars – Chilled Magazine

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