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My Story – Chocolate Clinic

The Chocolate Clinicsince 2013. I store all my chocolate at a PA Dept of Agro approved facility, have all my licenses, am fully insured. I am committed to bringing you the best chocolate & confections the world has to offer.

Bron: My Story – Chocolate Clinic


Bean to Bar Review – Hogarth Craft Chocolate – Kāko Chocolate Kāko Chocolate

Bron: Bean to Bar Review – Hogarth Craft Chocolate – Kāko Chocolate Kāko Chocolate


D7, Togo,  Jaguars, & win chocolate!

Bron: D7, Togo,  Jaguars, & win chocolate!


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Top 10 single origin chocolate bars | BBC Good Food

We tested a range of premium bars according to cocoa percentage and came up with a list of our favourite products from around the globe.

Bron: Top 10 single origin chocolate bars | BBC Good Food


Antwoord van Cacaosuyo – Wat weet je over de cacaoboeren? – Chocoladeverkopers

Bron: Antwoord van Cacaosuyo – Wat weet je over de cacaoboeren? – Chocoladeverkopers


Origin Chocolate Event 2015

Origin Chocolate Event 2015


El Sauco viert de opening van het chocoladeseizoen op zaterdag 24 Oktober met de organisatie van het vierde Origin Chocolate Event.

Dit evenement biedt u een prachtige kans om meer kennis op te doen van origine chocolades. U hoort de verhalen van prijswinnende bean-to-bar chocolademakers en chocolade experts uit diverse landen. Daarnaast worden er proeverijen, chocolate pairings en chocolate jams gehouden. Ook worden er dynamische choco-talks, een debat en ‘de chocoladewereld draait door!’ gehouden. Het programma vindt u op de site

De voorverkoop van het evenement verloopt vlot. Kaarten zijn online op de site te verkrijgen voor € 9.- pp.

Wij hopen u te verwelkomen op 24 oktober!.


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“Save the planet…it’s the only one that has chocolate.”

 Greetings from Costa Rica.

The chocolate bean, which is harvested from the cacao tree, has a long history in Costa Rica. Cacao beans were originally used as currency in the pre-Columbian times by local Indians and continued to be a form of currency into the 1930’s. It was one of the major industries in Costa Rica before the introduction of coffee in the late 1700’s outpaced it. Cacao remained an important export until blight in 1979 swept through the plantations, dramatically reducing cacao production in Costa Rica by 95%.


Almost all of Costa Rica’s cacao is produced in the Caribbean lowlands where plentiful rainfall and available land go hand in hand for sustainable cacao plantations. Much of Costa Rica’s wildlife and migrant bird species are finding shelter and homes in these rejuvenating cacao plantations. It is one of few agricultural industries that do not require de-forestation like other Costa Rican products such as coffee, banana and sugar cane. It is emerging as one harvest that may actually do more good than harm.

Welcome to Sibú Chocolate, Costa Rica

Our innovative collection of chocolates and bars is inspired by our country’s rich flavors and indigenous heritage. We use only the finest local ingredients to deliver chocolate that not only tastes delicious but is also made with the environment and local communities in mind. Our name honors Sibú, who is revered by native peoples from Central America to the Andes. Sibú is said to have created the world by spreading seeds of life, and the cacao tree is among his most sacred gifts.

Handmade with 100% organic Costa Rican cacao

Costa Rica’s Sibú Chocolate is part of a growing artisan movement dedicated to taking chocolate back in time, to a realm of heightened quality and sensory pleasure. Our classic collection of handmade truffles and caramel is inspired by Costa Rica’s rich tropical flavors and indigenous heritage.

Founded in 2007, Sibu Chocolate is the creation of Costa Rican historian and naturalist Julio Fernandez, and former journalist from Miami George Soriano.

In 2004, the two began a journey to learn about all things chocolate and specifically about cacao production in Costa Rica. “Sampling chocolate from around the world became both our hobby and ongoing passion,” says Fernández. “We visited plantations and indigenous reservations to try to understand the story behind this sacred crop. Each day we became more fascinated with what we learned.”

After a long search for the best chocolate in Costa Rica, they found their source on a small organic farm on Costa Rica’s Caribbean slope.

Sibú confections and bars are made with this single origin cacao, drawing on European tradition and local flavors. By inventing innovative recipes that are uniquely Costa Rican, Fernandez and Soriano hope that their chocolates will change the way Costa Ricans and visitors to their country think about the delicacy, first cherished by pre-Columbian civilizations from Mexico to the Andes.

Our Social & Environmental Policies

“Save the planet…it’s the only one that has chocolate.”




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ChocoLate Orgániko episode 2


To sweet and smooth white bar.

Back to this Chocolate Orgániko…

From a small Madrid-based boutique chocolatier comes the  ChocoLate Orgániko. Made of 100% organic chocolate sourced in the Caribbean.

After yesterday’s “Flavoured” chocolate tasting I must say the bars did not seems to be liked so much!  

I was wondering where does the cacao coming from on the Carribean, I should try to find a better place…

I feel a little sorry for them and me, because I did liked the packaging and I tough my clients would buy them because they are appealing.


My favorite because the lime does makes it lingering a lot.


This 70% is dull and waxy, despite the salt and nibs.

Uneven milk chocolate bar, poor orange and difficult to dedect cardamom.

Between milk & dark chocolate bar, bitter flavour just hide the anise.

I was wondering where does the cacao coming from on the Carribean, I should try to find a better place…

Must admit the competition was hard, Akesson’s pink, Pacari salt&nibs, Chocolate and Love orange, El Ceibo Yyuni salt&nibs, Madre amaranth.


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ChocoLate Orgániko

From a small Madrid-based boutique chocolatier comes the  ChocoLate Orgániko. Made of 100% organic chocolate sourced in the Caribbean, the brand boasts too many cool sweets to list.

I received last month some samples, most of them I still have to discover, but already some tasting and pictures  Produced with Oil of Essence of Lavender; an explosion of aromas that combine with the acid and bitter nuances of 70% chocolate.

Smooth, creamy, intense and perfumed. Produced with 100% natural ingredients to bring out their flavour.

Soft and very creamy chocolate that, when it melts, leaves a delicate sensation in the mouth. A pinch of Fleur de Sel of Ibiza and one almond.


There’s green anise, fleur de sel, olive oil, and Ethiopian coffee beautifully paired with rich, deep dark chocolate. There’s also a white chocolate collection which sees this sweet variety matched with lemon and red pepper or honey and almonds, among other tantalizing flavors. Bon bons, cocoas, and a whole plethora of mixed collections are also on their list, all creatively fused with inventive ingredients.

 not for people who don’t like bitter or dark chocolate.

And then there is the design. Like the purity of ChocoLate Orgániko, the design too is minimalist though its simplicity still shouts. The graphic packaging is full of bright colors and rad typeface that is hard to miss. But with chocolate this good, you won’t want to anyway.




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