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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

Welke chocolade gaan we morgen eten?

Welke chocolade gaan we morgen eten?

Creating awareness for a more direct trade and enhanced cocoa quality for the Democratic Republic of Congo. You want to know more? You want to be the first @patisserievercruysse to try a sample? Find out this weekend #sharewathisgreatandgoodinthisworld #geertvercruysse #kortrijk #doorniksewijk @zotocacao #rikolto #rdc #zoipapalexandratou #smallholders #kilimamwenza #manya — bij Share what is great and good in the world!


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Perfect Daily Grind

The Cacao and Coffee series: In coffee we refer to many of the varieties coming from Ethiopia and East Africa, the birthplace of coffee, as “heirloom” and not as each specific variety. There are so many varieties, and local names differ to internationally accepted names in any case.⁣

⁣We can say the same about wild cacao from the Amazon region. There are so many cacao varieties that people decide to call them wild cacao instead of Amelonado, Catongo, Trinitario, etc. These wild cacao varieties usually come with an exotic taste due to its nature, similar to heirloom coffee varieties. You could call it birthplace diversity explosion!⁣

source: PDG Cacao Instagram


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Duurzame chocolade

Nieuw partnerschap duurzame chocolade. 100% duurzame chocolade tegen 2030.

Een leefbaar inkomen voor lokale cacaoproducenten en 100% duurzaam geproduceerde chocolade tegen 2025. Die belofte maakten tientallen bedrijven, ngo’s, middenveldorganisaties, overheidsvertegenwoordigers en onderzoeksinstellingen. Onder het toeziend oog van minister van Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Alexander De Croo, ondertekenden zij op 5 december allen een charter ‘Beyond Chocolate’. Het partnerschap omvat onder meer engagementen om kinderarbeid aan te pakken, ontbossing tegen te gaan en een volwaardig inkomen te voorzien voor cacaoproducenten.

Ook investeert de sector tot 2025 jaarlijks 35 miljoen euro om alle in België geproduceerde chocolade te laten voldoen aan standaarden rond duurzaamheid, of ze te laten maken met cacaoproducten uit de bedrijfseigen duurzaamheidsprogramma’s.


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Deforestation & child labour in cocoa industry.


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Chocolate: tree to bar.


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SAN JOSE DE BARLOVENTO, Venezuela (Reuters) – Venezuela cocoa trader Freddy Galindo has battled highway robberies, kidnappings of family members and declining quality in his 19 years exporting the nation’s legendary beans.


via Venezuela cocoa growers fear new pest: the government | Reuters

Venezuela cocoa growers fear new pest: the government | Reuters


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Chocolate makes no exception


“Of all the different transformations we call cooking, I think fermentation is the most miraculous, and the most mysterious. That is because it doesn’t involve any applied heat at all.

This is food and drink made strictly through the action of bacteria and fungi. They perform all the transformations that normally we need heat to make happen.

People don’t realize, as they walk through the supermarket, how many fermented foods are there”. – Michael Pollan

Chocolate makes no exception!


Fermenting the cocoa beans anywhere from 3 to 7 days is a crucial step in the making of any chocolate product because it has a HUGE influence on how the chocolate will taste, and how its intrinsic flavors and aromas develop.

source: the chocolate journalist


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