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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

Cocoa Of Excellence

Cocoa of Excellence Programme     Empowering a new generation                  of cocoa pioneers         Recognizing exceptional flavours & know-how, whilst preserving cacao diversity

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Biochemical processes.

During fermentation the beans undergo a journey through complex biochemical processes. The sensitivity of this process is impressive. Small differences in factors like atmospheric temperature, volumes and spacing of aeration can have profound effects on the flavor that develops throughout the process.

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A vital step in quality control.

Reception of cacao en baba. A vital step in quality control. Each ‘cubeta’ holds aproximadamente 20kgs of beans which after being fermented ends up around 7kgs of dried beans. Being able to unify the fermenting and controlling the quality of reception of beans allows us to better develop the flavors and aromas.

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The amazing thing about a Nacional plantation is that you have a history when you walk in one.

You can actually see the different clones, and the shape of the pods will tell you more or less where they were planted. Also, you can see the vegetation, the animals that are over there. It’s very magical. When you get more experience, by the shape of the fruit and the color, you will know that those beans are going to be more astringent, or more floral, or more fruity, or even nutty.” – Vicente Norero says of “reading the trees” on Episode 3. Please listen and share (link in bio).

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“Peak harvest has started in Hawaii,…

Peak harvest has started in Hawaii, about a month earlier than normal. But pods from this highly productive and nice looking clone always ripen a bit late.

Why a month earlier? Warmer temps this year? More rain?

We’ve had two warm and wet summers in a row, so I’m guessing that has something to do with it.

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genetic history of cocoa in Brazil

PUBLIC RELEASE: 19-JAN-2017 Scientists uncover the genetic history of cocoa in Brazil Study details the genetic structure and molecular diversity of

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Change for the better…

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Cacao is Changing: Change; the only constant in everyone’s life is what cacao is bringing to the life of this two farmers: Argemiro and Edilberto who never imagined what cacao could bring to their life. Change for the better because Now they’re getting Not only the needed income to thrive but the chance to believe once again that is never too late to be happy.

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