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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

CHOCO TOGO: From togolese Cocoa to Chocolate – YouTube


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From cashier to world class cocoa farmer.

Up the forested Corosal Road in the Montserrat Hills of Gran Couva, around a sharp bend and behind two huge mango trees is a cocoa estate described as centuries old.Surrounded by ancient immortell

Bron: From cashier to world class cocoa farmer | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper


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Vanilleschaarste doet prijzen stijgen – De Standaard

Bron: Vanilleschaarste doet prijzen stijgen – De Standaard

stop gewoon met vanille aan chocolade toe te voegen en daar zou er al heel wat mensen blij om zijn:-)


Fruit Variation


Bron: About | Cacao Services, Inc.


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Try to understand…from beans to chocolate.

Try to understand the magic behind the chocolates you eat…you may fall in love with the process and be more selective about what you eat.





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From beans to Chocolate Factory

From beans to Chocolate Factory




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Cocoa aroma | Cacao Barry

The aroma of cocoa is not only determined by natural factors, but also by the transformation process and personal aspects. Join Cacao Collective

Bron: Cocoa aroma | Cacao Barry


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Como Rehabilitar un Cultivo de Cacao no Rentable – TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel – YouTube

La historia del chocolate es la descripción secuenciada de eventos acerca de cómo se ha propagado a lo largo del mundo un alimento: el chocolate. Su elaboración procede del procesado del fruto de un árbol denominado popularmente cacao (theobroma cacao). Por regla general se denomina chocolate al producto final del proces

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