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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

Why I’m not impressed by “Ruby Chocolate” – Pure Mill Chocolate

“Acidified red cocoa nibs are cocoa nibs which were not initially red but which have been subjected to an acid for a sufficient amount of time to become red”

Pure Mill Chocolate


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Chocolate tasting 28/03/2019

Chocolate tasting 28/03/2019
Labooko Low Carb White
Labooko Raspberry
Chocolatemakers Dominicaanse Republiek 40%
Jordi’s Chocolate Sheep’s milk 51%
Pump Street Chocolate Rye crumb, milk & sea salt
Krakakoa 75% Kalamantan Indonesia
Original Beans Congo Republic 70%
Kacau Chocolate Ecuador 74%
Marou Vietnam Ba Ria 76%
French Broad Chocolate Costa Rica 80%

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via Dark chocolate may give your brain a boost, studies suggest – ABC News

Dark chocolate may give your brain a boost, studies suggest.


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Meet the Ocelot Chocolate Bar Family — Design Caledonia | Design Scottish

After much consumption of Ocelot Chocolate post Christmas period we thought it was time to get our hands on some of Scotland’s tastiest chocolate for you, our fab customers. Ocelot chocolate is based in Leith and run by the lovely couple pairing Ish and Matt. These guys produce craft chocolate

Bron: Products: Meet the Ocelot Chocolate Bar Family — Design Caledonia | Design Scottish


 Ish & Matt Broadbent: Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot Chocolate is run by newly married couple Ish and Matt Broadbent, who left their jobs as chefs to pursue their dream of running their own business and making the most delicious confectionery.

From their workshop in Edinburgh, Ish and Matt hand make chocolates using the highest quality organic and fair trade produce, combining their passion for art and graphic design to create a unique brand already loved by many.

Ish: We set up the business entirely on our own, with just modest savings, so we have grown one piece at a time- building up our equipment when we can- a very hand-to-mouth existence, but one that makes us value what we have and how far we’ve come. We’ve made sacrifices- we waved Goodbye to fancy phones, haircuts, clothes, meals out, and said Hello to being hermits for two years. We also started the business one week after getting married, so it hasn’t been the most romantic first couple of years and we still haven’t had our honeymoon, but ultimately we’ve made our dream a reality, and we feel very proud.


Bron: Ocelot Chocolate – Future Positive


Houden we het niet beter bij brood van bij de warme bakker!

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Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –


Het zijn er teveel om op te noemen: alle smakelijke adressen die de Leiestreek in de aanbieding heeft. Een selectie van culinaire parels in en rond Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent.

Bron: Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –



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