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We Eat The Seeds – The Slow Melt

Many of us have been eating chocolate since childhood, but few can recognize it in nature. In this episode, we start at the farm with the pod-shaped fruit and its bitter seeds.

Bron: Ep. 3: We Eat The Seeds – The Slow Melt


Cocoa’s shining light or a risky monocrop?

Cocoa and chocolate stakeholders highlight the advantages and potential pitfalls of high-yielding cocoa variety CCN-51. What part should it play in the industry’s drive for sustainability?

Bron: CCN-51: Cocoa’s shining light or a risky monocrop?


Wild Chocolate from the amazon

Bron: Wild Chocolate | Wild Chocolate from the amazon


agriforest – cocoa forest and reforestation projects

Bron: agriforest – cocoa forest and reforestation projects


Dandelion Chocolate’s two-ingredient, single-origin, small-batch bars are bundled

Craft chocolate, like beer and coffee before it, is ready to go mainstream. But that doesn’t mean it’s ready to sell out.

Bron: The World According to Free-Range Short Seller Mark Cohodes – Bloomberg


Change for the better…

Bekijk deze Instagram-foto van @selvadentro • 65 vind-ik-leuks

Cacao is Changing: Change; the only constant in everyone’s life is what cacao is bringing to the life of this two farmers: Argemiro and Edilberto who never imagined what cacao could bring to their life. Change for the better because Now they’re getting Not only the needed income to thrive but the chance to believe once again that is never too late to be happy.

Bron: Selvadentro op Instagram: 


From monoculture to Forest


The reality is that monoculture timber plantations have a negative impact on communities and biodiversity. These plantations are not a solution to climate change nor to biodiversity loss.

The “From monoculture to Forest plan” means we clear, step by step, a 7-9 year old monoculture teak plantation and replace it with 11 different tropical tree species, restoring to a complex ecosystem, with a wide variety of plants and wild animals.



CACAO: We plant cacao trees in their natural surrounding, growing a high quality cacao beans. Cacao trees in a forest are also less sensible for pests. To control pests and diseases, we use organic pesticides only.


AgriForest Finance forests are planted on degraded and pasture land, which provide new living space for many animals and plants and improve the soil quality. The ecosystem will be restored forever.

Source: agriforest


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