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33158684_1645592648823294_8593432572279652352_o-1024x683GRENADA CHOCOLATE FEST CELEBRATING ETHICAL TREE-TO-BAR CHOCOLATE

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Another Great Year for Grenada Chocolate Festival


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Costa Rica and Chocolate.


Explore Cacao Cultivation, Post-Harvest processing and Artisanal Chocolate Making in Costa Rica with local experts and your host, Julio Fernández Amón, founder of Sibö Chocolate. Visit cacao plantations, collection facilities and clonal gardens; and follow the tree-to-bar process firsthand from harvesting and fermentation to drying, roasting, winnowing and conching with both artisanal and industrial equipment. Your chocolate making will benefit from a deeper understanding of cacao cultivation and processing, and how this impacts bean flavor and quality.


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There is an increasing demand for fair trade chocolate…

Location of Bilsa Biological Station within Mache-Chindul Reserve in Esmeraldas Province, northwest




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The way Origins tell a story…

So what is it about chocolate that gets us all ‘wild’? And why are many people, like me, so attracted to this substance?


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Properly shaped seedling trees. Almost all the fruit is off the trees. Soon it’s the season for pruning. Some people no doubt see this as mundane, but there can be gratification in pruning. Especially after riding too much desk or swearing at chocolate machinery. Quietly shaping trees all day in a shady orchard. Bringing order to disorder. Stand back at the end of the day and appreciate the aesthetic.


via Daniel O’Doherty op Instagram: “Properly shaped seedling trees. Almost all the fruit is off the trees. Soon it’s the season for pruning. Some people no doubt see this as…”


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Ethically sourced…



via Aberfeldy Distillery on Twitter: “All our chocolate is #ethicallysourced but we really love the story of our Virunga 70% which preserves the habitat of endangered mountain gorillas, by planting a tree for every bar sold. Check out the @virungamovie documentary #homeofdewars #itsdramtime #teamvirunga…”


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Our chocolate grows on trees.


picture: Daintree Estates

Good chocolate: this distinction may not be pertinent to anyone with serious cocoa cravings on their way to the supermarket for a quick fix, albeit of the mass-produced kind. For the casual consumer, chocolate is chocolate.

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