Chocolátl Amsterdam (fresh delivery each month).

Its always nice to find people with interests like yourself, same passion, benediction and sharing the love for chocolates and all the good things around chocolate.

Nice things happened during the Single Origin Chocolate Event in Amsterdam on 18th October 2011, people really liked my bonbons and Erik Spande from Chocolátl was excited on the bonbons made with couverture of Pacari, Original Beans and The Chocolate Company Grenada. During this evening we could hear there was interest of the public to find the chocolates in Amsterdam, so wath could we do. It gave us a very good reason to share 100% artisan products in Amsterdam, world famous for beeing the home town of the Anne Frank House.

Visiting Erik Spande in Amsterdam is a delight, there are so many good chocolate brands in his shop, spend any time with Erik and you’ll probably notice a few things right away, he is driven by the pursuit of perfection and let his chocolate speak for itself. There’s no reason to believe this friendship is a coincidence… so find and enjoy the best chocolate, bonbons and sweets at Chocolátl Hazenstraat 25-A 1016 SM Amsterdam.

These bonbons are available in clear boxes of “6” or “12”, they maybe ordered in “24” pieces boxes. To discover the flavours of the bonbons click on the link below:

The couverture used for enrobing the dark bonbons is the Fortunato N°4, cacao disappeared in 1919 and rediscovered by Marañón in the Canyon of Peru.

Also Cru Sauvage 68% couverture made of wild, noble cacao from the province of Beni, Bolivia is used for enrobing dark bonbons. The rich, harmonious cacao flavor is complemented by the aromas, expressing the freshness of lemon and the fruitiness of grapefruit. The traditional, gentle processing method (60 hours conching) exquisitely unfolds the prune bouquet and vanilla note. The exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity and long-lasting finish make the Cru Sauvage Bolivia 68% a unique culinary experience

For the milk bonbons I used Felchlin Grand Cru couverture “Nacional” Edelcacao Rio Hiumbi 42% from Esmeraldas Ecuador

Other sweets are:

  Candied Orange strips   150g  

  Candied Orange wheels 120g

  Ginger strips  Felchlin milk & dark  200g

 Marzipan 43% 

  Gianduja milk (bars 110g)

 Friands, small almondcakes

 Mandorla & nocciola NEW 70% spread

  Delicious “Swiss Felchlin” homemade

 Bars with Felchlin and Pacari treats


 Caramel fleur de sel-vanille 220cc 

 Marañón Fortunato N°4 bars (2x25g)

 Fortunato a unique experience.

Chocolate Hallelujah, feel free to share your finding and tastings, really appreciated. Next time I’m in Amsterdam you’re invited for a tasting of NEW products, just leave me a message.


3 responses to “Chocolátl Amsterdam (fresh delivery each month).

  1. Peter

    15/03/2012 at 16:16

    Geert, sometimes small events can lead to bigger ones. The tasting in October was a delight, in the mean time I’ve met you several times @ Chocolàtl.

    You have that same passion as Erik Spande has, the love of the dark brown ‘gold’, and bringing the best quality, taste and presentation in your products.


    • Geert

      17/03/2012 at 18:32

      Thanks Peter, always nice to receive good reactions.



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