American Craft Chocolate


Even though Hershey absorbed Scharffen Berger in 2005, the seed of a new movement had been planted.
Among the very first US craft chocolate makers we could find companies like @patricchocolate@amanochocolate and @askinosie. Capturing the potential of the cacao bean became a fascinating journey for many, and by 2016 there were at least 150 craft chocolate makers in the US…

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Looking to improve your understanding of cacao and chocolate?


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How Much Caffeine Is in Chocolate?


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Do you find Wine enhances your chocolate experience?

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Bear in mind, this is all coming from essentially a waste product.

After spending years sourcing cacao for the biggest chocolate brands around the world, Rob Weidner discovered a little secret of the cacao industry.

Cacao farmers were eating the white fleshy center of the cacao pod, the part that no chocolate company was interested in. Yet, it was packed with nutrients. Even better, it was the part of the cacao pod that would normally go to waste. Traditionally, the beans were collected and the rest of the cacao fruit was chucked.


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The color of cocoa pods are very interesting.


The color of cocoa pods are very interesting. The color can be an indication of variety, which can be an indication of flavor potential. You see in the background a red pod hanging on a tree. This is an indication of high flavor potential. You see in the foreground a pod of mixed color (red and yellow). This is an indication of a mixed flavor potential.

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These food products are the main source of thiamine in the average diet, so it’s not surprising that many gluten-intolerant people are thiamine deficient.

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