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Chocolade, een daad van verzet (video) CIOCCOLATO, UN ATTO DI RESISTENZA

In Mexico, Chocolate isn’t just a sweet treat. It is a food steeped in history and spirituality that has lost its place in Mexican agriculture and production. This is a story about bringing it back.

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Chocolate Forever 1 (Dutch knowledge on sustainable cocoa)

Deze titel staat op een uitermate interessant boek gekregen van Anna Laven tijdens het “Origin Chocolate Event” in het Koninklijk Internationaal Tropisch Instituut te Amsterdam van vorig jaar. Waarvoor mijn uiterste dank aan Anna Laven en Pim Pelders de schrijvers van het boek, financially support by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
The title of an extremely interesting book received from Anna Laven during “Origin chocolate Event in Amsterdam last year at the Royal Tropical Institute.
Ik beloofde er te gaan uit bloggen op “Why do we love Chocolate”, en nu ik het uit heb, wil ik dit met plezier delen.
I promised to blog it on “Why do we love chocolate”, I would like to share this with pleasure.

c9a367_2012_12_28_cacao1This book explores the knowledge needed for achieving a sustainable cocoa chain and the gatekeepers of thise knowledge. It tells the story mainly from a Dutch perspective, focusing on the knowledge needs of actors involved in cocoa in the Netherlands, and their knowledge partners.

The Port of Amsterdam is the world’s largest harbour and Region of Amsterdam (Zaanstreek) is home to the most complete cocoa network in the world. The large economic importance of cocoa for the Dutch economy, and the role of the Dutch in the international cocoa chain, demands a strong knowledge infrastructure, one able to support the dynamic character of the Dutch cocoa cluster.

In responce to the extremely difficult economic circumstances faced by many cocoa farmers, and driven by the risks of future supply shortages worldwide, the cocoa sector is currently on the move. A multitude of public and private players, together with members of civil society, have joined forces to work on promoting sustainability in the cocoa sector.

Knowledge is essential for achieving this aim-not only sharing the knowledge required to make the processe sustainable, but also identifying the knowledge requirements of various stakeholders. In the Netherlands there is limited knowledge infrastructure taht supports knowledge development specified on cocoa. However, there is a strong potential for generating and sharing knowledge connected to sustainable cocoa, in particular due to existence of vibrant Dutch multistakeholder community involved in cocoa.

This effort to map the knowledge demand and available expertise in the Netherlands is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. It contributes to implementation of the ChocoWorkGroup’s Sustainable Cocoa Actionplan that seeks to achieve sustainable cocoa consumption in the Netherlands within fifteen years and contribute to the global sustainable economy.



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