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“We are proud of our range and we hope you love it too.”

“Chocolate is not something we need as part of our diet.
But it is something our soul needs.”

Not so long ago, I had a nice contact with Chi from Atypic Artiste Chocolatier in Melbourne Australia and so it be started. After looking at there website and seeing there amazing Origin Chocolate bars I was convinced of there quality and vision on making the best chocolate for Melbourne and Australia. Reading the story of Charles Lemai and the next line: “…you become part of a community and our love of chocolate connects us all.” I was solded, I needed to have these bars and I was hungry to taste there unconventional and differently made bars of the Pacific Islands such as Vanuatu, Solomon Islands,…

Atypic_1080p from charles.lemai on Vimeo.

Unrefined 45% milk chocolate is made with beans from the heart of the solomon islands. This textural sensation will take you on a ride to remember.
The packaging is just amazingly stunning.

At Atypic, they are truly passionate about there chocolate and only work with cacao growers who provide respect, care and love to their produce and the land it comes from. The beans are sourced from farmers practicing organic growing processes and support independent businesses who follow ethical, sustainable and fair-trading practices. Nature has done its part to create distinct flavour profiles for each cacao bean source and Atypic Artiste Chocolatier invest a lot of time bringing out these authentic cacao flavours.

Charles Lemai

They pay a premium fee for our beans which are sourced from there neighbours in the Pacific Islands, working directly with the farmers who grow, ferment, and dry the cacao we buy. They frequently visit there suppliers to learn about their process, visit the plantations and ensure the highest standards of quality and sustainability are met.

Find more about Atypic Artisan Chocolatier

Available now at Chocolatier Share what is great and good in the World


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Perfect note from Australia.


Article published in Sunday Mail (Queensland) today by Wendy Hall following her visit to Patisserie Vercruysse in Kortrijk, Belgium to meet Geert Vercruysse.

 Always nice to see such articles posted, thanks Wendy and Daintree Estates.

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Selling local Chocolate to Belgium, from Australia is like…



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Chocolate addictive, Focus on LOCAL BUSINESS.

I just received wonderfull news from Australia, Tim Davies of Daintree Chocolate.

You are famous in Australia!!!  This article ran yesterday (14 June) in the local newspaper in Mossman, Far North Queensland where our cocoa is grown!!!


Local choc biz (Daintree) sells “ice to Eskimos“(us Belgians).

SELLING local chocolate to Belgians is the equivalent of selling ice to Eskimos or coal to Newcastle.

Belgians are known as the in the chocolate businnes and only use the finest ingredients to whip up their delicious treats, so, when a far northern company cracked that merket it was a sweet reward for years of hard work. Etc…


One well-known Belgian dessert shop, the Patisserie Vercruysse, which is owned and run by a working patissier Geert Vercruysse, is located in the suburd Kortrijk and makes some of the finest chocolates using product from Daintree Estate. Etc…

The moment I receive this article (I only have a pdf-file now) I shall post-it.


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