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CasaLuker Cacao Fino de Aroma op Instagram:

Bekijk deze Instagram-foto van @lukerofficial • 87 vind-ik-leuks

Bron:“Cacao tree – Theobroma Cacao, which in Greek means “food of the Gods”. 


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Fresh cacaopod

Just received a fresh cacaopod, form Colombia, how nice is this!!

Shall open this one very soon…

The shell of the cocoa fruit feels leathery and is as hard as a nut. During the maturation process, the skin becomes wrinkled and changes colour from green to yellowy-brown before developing a reddish tinge. The seeds, in other words the actual cocoa beans, are surrounded by a thin, slimy, whitish fruit flesh. As the fruit matures, the flesh contracts and the beans begin to hang loose in the pod.

Both the flesh and the beans of the cocoa pods can be eaten raw. The flesh can be sucked away from the beans and has a slightly citrus taste when unripe. In a ripe condition, by contrast, it is sweet and very tasty. The raw cocoa beans are comparable with soft nuts and taste strongly of dark chocolate.

Cracking Open An Organic Cacao Fruit


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Chocolade-onlinekopen-Chocolate / 2


Verderzetting van verscheidene “brands” die eveneens in onze winkel te koop zijn en waar je deze dan ook kan komen proeven, het voordeel van een winkel. Als je de afstand niet wilt overbruggen of je kent deze chocolades al is het eenvoudig om deze online te bestellen natuurlijk. Ik steek bij de verzending dan ook steeds weer een verrassing het leuke aan online-kopen.

Hoe ga je te werk? Je geeft me via een mail door welke chocolades je wenst te ontvangen en ik antwoord je binnen de 24 uur met het te betalen bedrag en het rek.nummer waar je het bedrag kan storten. Zodra wij dit ontvangen hebben sturen wij zo vlug mogelijk per post je zending.

Kosten van de verzending komen steeds op € 10,-/ waar ook in België, belangrijk is dat je deze kosten kan vermijden bij een bestelling vanaf € 55,-

Kuná Fine Ecuadorian Organic Chocolate 

71%, 82%,…coffee nibs, golden berry-salt, vanilla: €3.00,- /30g

couverture 65%, 71% en 82%: €8.50,-/200g

ook verkrijgbaar Kuná single origin natural cocoa powder Esmeraldas € 8.50,-/200g

links: KunáFbook     webpagina     InstaKunáfoto’s     KunáYouTube

Casa Luker Cacao fino de aroma Colombia

couverture Ecuador 70%, Colombia 45%, Peru 72% en Arauca 70%: €7.00,-/200g

links: CasaLukerYouTube     Luker 1906     CLGourmet

Pacari premium organic chocolate from tree to bar Ecuador

Organic raw cacao powder: 200g /€ 8.50,-  

Dark chocolate covered cacao nibs, Espresso beans €3.00,-/45g

Chocolate covered cacao beans natural, banana, ginger: €5.00,-/ 90g

RAW chocolate 70%, 85% en 100% €5.0o,-/50g

links: chocolatiersUK     Pacari alle producten     PacariYouTube

Menakao Truly Madagascar 44%, 63%, 70%, 80% en 100%: €4.75,-/75g


Menakao “collection”geschenkverpakking €10,-/150g

Menakao couverture melk 44%, 70% of 80%: €7.50,-/200g

links: MenakaoYouTube     websiteMenakao     cocoarunnersMenakao


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Let’s talk chocolate 2


Na een kleine handigheidsoefening van de deelnemers, ze gaan namelijk wat mouleerwerk krijgen, komen we aan deze chocolade-tasting:

1/ Luker cacao Nevado

White Chocolate, couverture, made from 100% fine flavor cocoa beans of South American Origin. Total non-deoderized cocoa butter content is 34% and milk content is 18%. Product is certified Kosher. Product format is convenient portioning and melting.

2/ Banus milkchocolate 36% cacao

At Banus they have stived to create milk chocolate which keeps the nuances of aroma and flavor of cocoa. Very balanced in the mouth, with lactic hints, aromas of caramel toffee and a long cocoa finish.

3/ Nahua 39% cacao Costa Rica

Delicious milk tablet with 39% cocoa, creamy and exquisitely refined. Good to suit all tastes.

4/ Danta Chocolate 60% Finca Los Ujuxtes Guatemala

Guatemala chocolate maker Carlos Eichenberger creates this small-batch artisan chocolate entirely from local cacao grown on the Finca Las Acacias and Finca Los Ujuxtes plantations. The fragrance is big, olivy, and crisp; the flavor full and fruity, perfectly balanced between tart and sweet.


This bar is a beautiful combination of sweet and spicy. With sunny, salted, Hawaiian Pineapple, this bar takes you right to the Hawaiian pineapple fields. We then pluck ripe Hawaiian Ghost Peppers from our back yard and infuse them into our 60% Dark Milk chocolate. Don’t be scared, we put just enough in this bar to give your taste buds that ghostly tingle without the burn.

6/ Pralus biologique 75% Madagascar
This tastes quite different from the non-organic Pralus bar to me.
nose: mild
top: tangy, (not as sweet as mango and not as bitter as grapefruit), green,
base: dry grass
end of mouth: short, earthy

7/Akesson’s SPChocolate Bali 75%  

Supporting the preservation of traditional farmers, Big Tree Farms, with direct support from USAID and AMARTA, has created in Bali the first fully integrated Central Processing Unit (CPU) in Indonesia for the efficient fermentation, drying, warehousing and sale of cacao. We specially selected with them trinitario cocoa beans from the two Sukrama brothers’ Farms in the Melaya Area.               These are the first Bali Single Origin bar ever made in Europe. The dark version has fruity hints of papaya and mango.

8/ Pacari 100% Raw

The 100% Cacao has hints of fruit and spices with a perfect balance of slight acidity and bitterness in the unsweetened cacao. All of the cacao ingredients in our raw chocolate are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavour profile of the natural cacao.


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