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Chocolate Mexicano Discs of TAZA

NEW and DELICIOUS in our shop are the:

Chocolate Mexicano Discs of TAZA

Inspired by the passion for Mexican chocolate traditions, TAZA hand-carve granite millstones to make these rustic, organic dark chocolate discs bursting with bright tastes and bold textures.

Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano

Chilis are often added to chocolate in Mexico for a spicy kick. We grind single-origin Dominican cacao using vintage Oaxacan stone mills to preserve its complex flavor and rustic texture, then blend in organic chilis. The result is a bright, bold chocolate that perfectly balances sweet with heat.

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Mexicano

Whole organic bourbon vanilla pods from Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation in Costa Rica are ground together with single-origin Dominican cacao in vintage Oaxacan stone mills to make this sweet, fragrant chocolate. Stone grinding preserves the bright flavors of our premium ingredients and leaves an addictive rustic textures in the finished discs.

Cinnamon Chocolate Mexicano

Cinnamon is the traditional partner to chocolate in Mexico. We grind whole cinnamon sticks together with organic Dominican cacao using Oaxacan stone mills. Our simple stone-ground process gives Taza Cinnamon Chocolate Mexicano its intense flavor and distinctive rustic texture. Makes a great Mexican hot chocolate.




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