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The color of cocoa pods are very interesting.


The color of cocoa pods are very interesting. The color can be an indication of variety, which can be an indication of flavor potential. You see in the background a red pod hanging on a tree. This is an indication of high flavor potential. You see in the foreground a pod of mixed color (red and yellow). This is an indication of a mixed flavor potential.

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The Wellington Chocolate NZ

Occupied since October 2015 to receive this Wellington chocolate, and finally recieved this today 12/04/2016. If I’m glad? Like a child, receiving toys for his birthday, such a treat.

Gabe Davidson, Rochelle, Maxine and Mona these are the persons I was sending emails to, they did a wonderfull job for sending this chocolate to Kortrijk Belgium, many thanks to you all people, this box of wonderfull chocolate and brochures did arrived in good conditions!


TNT delivery from New Zealand for Belgium how far can you go for chocolate?


Wow, fantastic


Beautiful colors appear when opening the boxes.

Samoa Bar 77%: Smooth, silky, malt & fruity spice. Bougainville Bar 70%: Raisins and Port with a hint of tropical fruit.

WCF: we make all our chocolate from freshly roasted, organically grown, stone ground, ethically traded cacao beans.

Coconut milk Chocolate 52%: Vegan coconut milk – chocolate made just from two trees. Peru Norandino 70%: Hints of apricots, honey & cashews ( Pale white Peruvian criollo beans)


House blended cacao with Nelson Sauvin flowers é Gladfield toffee malt.


House blended cacao 50%, cocoa butter 4%: coconut milk chocolate topped with Anzac crunch.

Great War Exhibition: A portion of the profit from this bar of chocolate will be donated to the Great War Exhibition to assist with making the compelling history of the First World War available to all.


House blended cacao with chilli, lime, ginger, honey & peanuts

WCF: Fairtrade Cocoa-, Fairtrade Sugar Program: visit


70% Dom.Rep. Earthy tones, with hints of marmalade & citrus fruit. Trinitario beans.


House blended 70% cacao with salted brittle caramel


WCFACTORYweb    indien je meer wenst te weten over deze fantastische chocolade.

Ik ben alvast een gelukkige bezitter van deze totaal eigenaardige, tot verbeelding sprekende chocolade tabletten.


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Don’t know your arriba…



Don’t know your arriba from your elbow? Then read our (Hotel Chocolat) crash course in cocoa…

CRIOLLO is traditionally thought of as the king of cocoa with its deep, armatic and lingering fruity flavours. However, due to natural cross breeding, there are hardly any pure criollo trees left and it only accounts for 1 – 5% of world production. In fact, a great deal of criollo cocoa is actually a criollo-rich trinitario mixture, which is just as good. Through DNA mapping by experts at Reading Universaty, we have discovered that our cocoa trees at Rabot Estate are fine, old, criollo-rich trinitarios.

TRINITARIO cocoa originated on the West Indian island of Trinidad after a natural cross occured between the criollo and forastero trees there. Not surprisingly, it combines the flavours of criollo with the disease resistance of forastero, but quality can vary depending on the ratio of criollo to forastero. In general though, trinitario beans are known for their complex, fruity flavours and account for about 10 – 15% of world production.

FORASTERO cocoa is a hardy, productive strain, but it is not know for its fine flavours. It’s the workhorse of cocoa and accounts for 80 – 90% of the world’s supply. Robust, classically chocolaty, but limited flavours make it the perfect cocoa for blended chocolate. However, there are some exceptional “fine flavour” forastero beans, like the prized Ecuadorian arriba and nacional cocoa.

Find out more about the world of cocoa at

I wanted to publish this basic knowledge about cocoa (some people ask me to) on my blog, I hope you like it.


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Criollo cocoapod.


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