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Rigorously Sustainable Original Beans

Original Beans Edel Weiss 40% (white chocolate)


Organic white chocolate without vanilla. Cacao from the Yuna River Valley, Dominican Republic.

Rich notes of banana milk and cacao butter.

Original Beans are one of the most sustainable chocolate producers on the planet. For every one bar of their chocolate sold, one tree is planted.

Ingredients: direct trade cacao butter, raw cane sugar, whole milk.

Soy and gluten free. 100% organic.

Rainforests provide not only the delicious diversity of cacaos, but also most other biodiversity and freshwater, and a global climate system. Original Beans way of preserving them is its purest form. The fresh fruit from a fine cacao tree tastes heavenly. Can you distinguish those flavours in this chocolate?

White chocolate is milk chocolate without cacao solids -and usually without character. To offer you an exceptionally delicious white chocolate, this bar focuses on pure essentials: butter of a delicate Trinitario cacao from the Yuna River Valley (Dominican Republic), and milk from a Swiss alp. With no vanilla and lecithin added, a surprisingly pure chocolate moment is revealed.



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