Jade Chocolates’ Shop Grand Opening!

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Jade Chocolates has officially opened the doors of our new tea and chocolate shop! Come see us at 4207 Geary Boulevard, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. (except Sundays, when we’re at the farmer’s market on 3rd and Clement). We’d love to personalize your chocolate experience. Ask us anything—what flavors of tea and hot chocolate to try, or what truffle to get for the chocolate lover in your life. We’re here to help.

If tea is what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of flavors from The Aroma Tea Shop, and The Tea Smiths of San Francisco. All flavors are available hot, or over ice. And if one cup of tea isn’t enough, we offer it in bulk as well. Blue People Oolong has been our most popular flavor. White Peach Momo, however, is still the staff pick. No matter how much tea you need…

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Waarom betalen ze ons geen eerlijke prijs? – Chocoweb

Waarom betalen ze ons geen eerlijke prijs? – Chocoweb.

Sinds kort te koop in Kortrijk, enkel alle (h)eerlijke chocolade.


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Why gender matters in the cocoa value chain

Why gender matters in the cocoa value chain

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When world leaders meet at the United Nations in New York next September for a Special Summit on Sustainable Development, their minds won’t necessarily be on chocolate. Their task will be to agree on new Sustainable Development Goals to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) whose deadline expires this year.


But if the world wants to ensure a sustainable supply of quality chocolate bars, it needs to do more to support cocoa farmers in developing countries, and particularly women cocoa farmers. No. 3 of the MDGs is to “Promote gender equality and empower women”. That is just as urgent in cocoa farming as it is in other agricultural sectors.


On average, women make up 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries and in sub-Saharan Africa 54% of women and 60% of men are employed in agriculture. In cocoa, women often play a key role in managing the planting and nurturing of seedlings…

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Are we really running out of chocolate?

Are we really running out of chocolate?

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Amid the media hype over fears of a worldwide shortage of cocoa caused by surging chocolate consumption in emerging markets like India, China and Brazil, how are chocolate industry leaders addressing sustainability issues in the global supply chain? Certified cocoa

In their commercial arrangements, manufacturing companies are increasingly pressuring farmers to deliver cocoa beans produced in accordance with specified social and environmental standards set by certification schemes such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified.

Cocoa Farmer

In public, chocolate manufacturers talk of “100% sustainable cocoa” and of “empowering smallholder farmers” to build “thriving cocoa communities”.

In practice, however, they give few indications of how this is to be achieved. Rarely do we hear what is actually happening in the countries where cocoa is grown and how the people who rely on cocoa as their source of livelihood actually live.

It was to find out more about how the industry is addressing sustainability issues and…

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De chocoladeschaarste toegelicht.


CHOCOA 5 – 9 maart Beurs van Berlage

De berichten in het nieuws over chocolade in de afgelopen periode waren verontrustend. Er verschenen koppen als; Chocoladeschaarste verwacht vanaf 2020. Wat is er eigenlijk aan de hand en hoe kunnen we de schaarste voorkomen?

Er zijn tal van factoren die in de komende jaren zullen zorgen voor verminderde cacaoproductie. Tegelijkertijd zal de vraag naar cacao toenemen in andere delen van de wereld. De chocolademarkt groeit bijvoorbeeld snel in China en India. Internationale bedrijven en overheden werken aan de oplossing om daling in de cacaoproductie te voorkomen en tot een duurzame cacao- en chocoladeproductie te komen.

Vandaag de dag is slechts twintig procent van de cacao duurzaam geproduceerd. Dit percentage zal in de komende jaren moeten stijgen om een schaarste te voorkomen. Ook in Nederland en België wordt hard gewerkt aan een oplossing. Op het jaarlijkse Chocoa evenement bijvoorbeeld staan duurzame cacao en goede chocolade vijf dagen lang centraal. Cacaoproducenten, verwerkers, handelaren, chocolademakers, chefs, fijnproevers, en chocoladeliefhebbers komen bijeen om samen te werken en geïnspireerd en geïnformeerd te worden.

Als consument kun je al meewerken aan de oplossing door duurzame en goede chocolade te kopen, een goede, maar vooral ook lekkere manier van bijdragen!



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…when chocolate is involved.




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Nog enkele sfeerbeelden van Kerst en Nieuwjaar.





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