You Can Now Say Your Chocolate Addiction…

Eating chocolate before meals may reduce your appetite, balance your blood sugar levels, and allow you to lose weight.

Bron: You Can Now Say Your Chocolate Addiction…


Sharing a brilliant documentary…

Sharing a brilliant documentary short made by a couple of young, creative British chocolate makers and multimedia artists.

Filmed on site in the Marañon Canyon in 2016, they did some of the most innovative drone recording you will ever see. Enjoy!


I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners…

I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin, used for sugar-free and zero-calorie products, instead of cane sugar, coconut sugar and panela, who are simply extracted from their plants and minimally processed 🌱🍚
The only reason I can give myself is that consumers don’t research any further. They associate claims like “zero-calories” and “sugar-free” with health choices, and that is all they need to know 👻💱
At the same time, God forbid companies make any effort to specify what they put in their stupid “healthier versions” in the place of sugar.
If you want to limit your amount of sugar in regards to eating chocolate, simply limit the quantity you ingest💁🍫
Go for 2 squares instead of 4. One bonbon instead of 3. Train your mind and become disciplined 🐘
It pays off way more than indulging in chocolate that tastes like crap and is full of chemicals.
What do YOU think of sugar-free chocolate? 👇

Bron: Sharon Terenzi op Instagram: “I still can’t believe how anyone could ever prefer to ingest chemically made sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame and saccharin, used for…”


New Cacao Clones Developed In Ecuador.

In Ecuador, the “Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias” (INIAP) has generated more than 16 genotypes, among them the recently released clones: INIAP EETP 800 Aroma Pichilingue e INIAP EETP 801 Fino Pichilingue. These have a range of action approved for the central area of production in Ecuador, in the area near the upper basin of the Guayas River. Tests are conducted on the Coastal region for future approval, but only 2 years from now, when results are gathered, can the clones be recommended. High endurance can be measured based on the result that the Nacional cacao regenerated by the INIAP has a production between 1 to 1,2 t/ha. CCN51 cacao production has oscillated between 1,5 to 2 t/ha. Nowadays with the new clones we are expecting an average of 2 t/ha. The new clones are a hybrid between National cacao and CCN-51 and they have inherited the high productivity characteristic from the CCN-51 but also the quality of Nacional cacao.

Bron: F O O D E N S I T Y op Instagram: “New Cacao Clones Developed In Ecuador (From the 11th edition of “Sabor Arriba” – March 2017) In Ecuador, the “Instituto Nacional de…”


How Food Looks Before It’s Harvested.



Sesame Seeds

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A vital step in quality control.

Reception of cacao en baba. A vital step in quality control. Each ‘cubeta’ holds aproximadamente 20kgs of beans which after being fermented ends up around 7kgs of dried beans. Being able to unify the fermenting and controlling the quality of reception of beans allows us to better develop the flavors and aromas.

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Original Beans: “Only fixed prices are fair prices!

53 vind-ik-leuks,

Only fixed prices are fair prices! The prices for cocoa on the world market decline steadily. Also in Puerta Pulache in Peru, one of the three villages where the cocoa for our Piura Porcelana 75% comes from, the prices on local markets have decreased dramatically. But we guarantee all our farmers a permanently stable price. Thus, we currently pay those in Puerta Pulache the fourfold of the local market price. Thank you that you help us to keep the prices stable! Only by that, the farmers can earn a decent living.

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