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There is an increasing demand for fair trade chocolate…

Location of Bilsa Biological Station within Mache-Chindul Reserve in Esmeraldas Province, northwest




via Chocolate and the Conscious Consumer – The Mac Weekly


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via Madeline Weeks op Instagram: ““Ceje” is the local name for the birds that attack cacao pods like this one. Some farmers reported that birds eat 30-70% of the cacao pods,…”


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About the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund


The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP) is delighted to announce the following designated HEIRLOOM producers of quality and flavor cacao beans at origin. CONGRATULATIONS! We thank you for your continued effort to conserve the delicious diversity of cacao. Because of you, the world can enjoy great tasting chocolate!


via Our Heirloom Farmers |


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…real challenges faced in the effort to make cocoa sustainable.


via The Slow Melt op Instagram: “Sako Warren talks about seemingly simple but very real challenges faced in the effort to make cocoa sustainable. • • “Simran, I’m talking…” • Instagram


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Fruit Variation


Bron: About | Cacao Services, Inc.


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Forest for a living

Forest for A Living

is the product of a collaborative effort brought to fruition by a suite of forward-thinking institutions, each dedicated to the development of concrete solutions that address the reality of current conservation challenges. While we officially got off the ground in 2012, the seed for this work began evolving in 2003 through a largely self-propelling participatory process that involved dozens of stakeholders from campesino to scientist to government authority.



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About Maya Mountain Cacao

In the future, Maura envisions having better living conditions, expanding more into farming, getting her children to work more on her farm, and, if some of her children so choose, providing them with an education, or, if not, she would love to see her sons become cacao farmers.



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