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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

The Biggest Misconceptions On Cacao Varieties Demystified

Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario. These are the cacao varieties we all know. But cacao expert and environmentalist Steve Bergin tells us another story.

Bron: The Biggest Misconceptions On Cacao Varieties Demystified


 Specialty vs. Bulk…

Pictured here is a generic visual comparing the amounts within a two-ingredient craft chocolate vs. a possible composition you would find in generic “premium” chocolate.

Bron: Foodensity op Instagram:


Meso-Amerika bevordert de verkoop van fijne cacao aroma

Los cacaos con nota de sabor como flores, frutas o madera de Mesoamérica buscan abrirse espacio en la comercialización mundial, y avanzan con retos en la mejora de la producción, informó hoy una fuente del sector.

Bron: El Economista – Mesoamérica impulsa la comercialización de cacao fino de aroma


Boozy Chocolate Bars – Chilled Magazine

Raaka Chocolate has released a batch of spirited chocolates for the holiday season. They’re booze bars, if you will, and they’re perfect for chocoholics.

Bron: Boozy Chocolate Bars – Chilled Magazine


“Be a Farmer for a Day”

Falling deep in love with the cocoa at yesterday’s “Be a Farmer for a Day” at Crayfish Bay.

Bron: Grenada Chocolate Fest op Instagram: “@islepreneur falling deep in love with the cocoa at yesterday’s “Be a Farmer for a Day” at Crayfish Bay #cacaolove #puregrenada…”


Chocolamentary – YouTube

Chocolamentary is our documentary about the incredibly rare, highly sought after, Marañon Cacao beans.


Ruket – Cocoa Runners

Ruket is an Italian bean-to-bar small batch craft chocolate maker. Co-founders Marco and Alessandro were ice cream makers before making chocolate.

sinds maart 2017 te koop in onze winkel

Bron: Ruket – Cocoa Runners

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