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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

After a Piece of Chocolate

So many reasons to love it more.

Bron: What Happens to Our Body After a Piece of Chocolate


Life is nothing without passion. Ours is chocolate.


Raw cacao benefits human longevity without any negative side effects!

Bron: Raw cacao benefits human longevity without any negative side effects!


Women Need Chocolate!

Bron: Women Need Chocolate! It’s A Scientific Fact!


Dandelion Chocolate’s two-ingredient, single-origin, small-batch bars are bundled

Craft chocolate, like beer and coffee before it, is ready to go mainstream. But that doesn’t mean it’s ready to sell out.

Bron: The World According to Free-Range Short Seller Mark Cohodes – Bloomberg


Review: Marou – Bên Tre 78% (****) |

A rainy, dull sunday morning. The kind of day you wish you could be wandering on a sunny beach somewhere on a tropical island. Anyway, that is not going to happen today, so why not review a bar of chocolate. I know I still have some in the cupboard! To be honest, I already had the chance to taste this particular bar of brown gold. During the Origin Chocolate Event in Amsterdam, it was paired with rum. I was impressed back than, but after a full day of chocolate tasting my taste buds became a bit overloaded, so I needed to taste it again. On its own this time. Without distractions. Chocolate made in Vietnam might sound weird. Chocolate, in Vietnam? Most people won’t even know cacao is growing there. Don’t be ashamed, I didn’t know either until some months ago! The Bên Tre bar is a 78% chocolate, so a fairly high percentage. It is made from cacao beans grown near the Mekong Delta. Marou keeps close contact with the farmers who produce the beans. Their farmers ferment the cacao on the

Bron: Review: Marou – Bên Tre 78% (****) |


Geert Vercruysse Selection – Chocolate Reviews

Undoubtably one of my chocolate highlights of 2010. If you ever get the chance to try a Geert Vercruysse Selection I can assure you, you won’t regret it!

Bron: Geert Vercruysse Selection – Chocolate Reviews

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