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Growing Cocoa in Containers

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CHOCO TOGO: From togolese Cocoa to Chocolate – YouTube


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From cashier to world class cocoa farmer.

Up the forested Corosal Road in the Montserrat Hills of Gran Couva, around a sharp bend and behind two huge mango trees is a cocoa estate described as centuries old.Surrounded by ancient immortell

Bron: From cashier to world class cocoa farmer | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper


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Fruit Variation


Bron: About | Cacao Services, Inc.


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Cocoa aroma | Cacao Barry

The aroma of cocoa is not only determined by natural factors, but also by the transformation process and personal aspects. Join Cacao Collective

Bron: Cocoa aroma | Cacao Barry


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Schools Fairtrade Cocoa


Follow Tayna on her journey to the Dominican Republic to find out how cocoa is grown, what life is like for cocoa farmers there, and the difference Fairtrade has made.


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The Best Chocolate You’ve Never Tasted – The New York Times

The world’s most exquisite bars are being made in a garage in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bron: The Best Chocolate You’ve Never Tasted – The New York Times


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