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Bienvenue – Sadé, Chocolat fait main

Bienvenue chez Sadé, “faiseurs de chocolat” entièrement artisanal.Nous torréfions, décortiquons et broyons à la main nos fèves de cacao cultivées avec soin dans des petites plantations en Colombie.

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Ferrarelle riporta in Italia il cioccolato Amedei.

L’azienda dell’acqua minerale ha comprato il 99% del marchio toscano. Nel 2015 il 75% delle quote erano state vendute al fondo cinese Octopus Europe Limited.

The old Italian vice… And so, after Domori being part of a big Italian coffee group years ago, the same story repeats. I just read on my Italian Google feed of another Italian marriage between a fine chocolate name and a bigger food group (in water, this time.) :))
“The Italian company of the famous mineral water Ferrarelle bought 99% of the Tuscan brand Amedei. In 2015, 75% of the shares had been sold to the Chinese fund Octopus Europe Limited.
Ferrarelle plans to invest further in the production of Pontedera where today there are about 30 employees. And the Amedei brand will be able to grow over a period of crisis that saw a reduction in sales of just over 3 million euros and the reset of capital for a loss. The long-term goal is to increase the presence of the Tuscan chocolate in the world through the distribution not only via the HoReCa channel, but also others.”

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Chocolade zal eerlijk zijn, of niet zijn.

Traag maar zeker beseffen voedings­giganten dat ze niet anders zullen kunnen dan mee op de kar van de fair trade te springen. Want de cacaosector zit op zijn tandvlees en de kritische consument lust liever chocolade met een schoon geweten.

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The Biggest Misconceptions On Cacao Varieties Demystified

Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario. These are the cacao varieties we all know. But cacao expert and environmentalist Steve Bergin tells us another story.

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 Specialty vs. Bulk…

Pictured here is a generic visual comparing the amounts within a two-ingredient craft chocolate vs. a possible composition you would find in generic “premium” chocolate.

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Ruket – Cocoa Runners

Ruket is an Italian bean-to-bar small batch craft chocolate maker. Co-founders Marco and Alessandro were ice cream makers before making chocolate.

sinds maart 2017 te koop in onze winkel

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