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Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: What Does This Label Really Mean?


Countless artisanal chocolate bars bear the label “bean to bar”. Chocolatiers will proudly point to it as a sign of quality. But what does it actually mean? Does it represent quality? And how does it relate to specialty, fine, and craft chocolate?

Read on to discover the answers to all these questions, as we take a tour of the cacao supply chain from farm to consumer.



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Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –


Het zijn er teveel om op te noemen: alle smakelijke adressen die de Leiestreek in de aanbieding heeft. Een selectie van culinaire parels in en rond Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent.

Bron: Uitstekende culinaire adressen in Roeselare, Kortrijk en Gent – Culinair –



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Plantations Chocolate


Bean to bar chocolate from Sweden finally arrived at Vercruysse Kortrijk Belgium.

They source there beans directly from sustainable cocoa farm in Ecuador. They grind and slow roast the beans at low temperaturs, to maintain high levels of antioxidants and preserve the aroma of cocoa variety. 


Made only with organic cocoa beans, raw cane sugar and berries harvested from the mountains of Northern Sweden. Environmentally friendly packaging featuring original paintings of cocoa plantations in Ecuador by Charlotta Janssen, USA.

Dairy free, gluten free and soy free.


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Buy your tickets here Trade fair Dinner Conference Festival Chocolate festival Chocolate lovers, meet the makers of your favourite chocolate here! Discover the many different types of chocolate and learn about their origins and specific taste characteristics. Two full days of tastings,

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Perfect note from Australia.


Article published in Sunday Mail (Queensland) today by Wendy Hall following her visit to Patisserie Vercruysse in Kortrijk, Belgium to meet Geert Vercruysse.

 Always nice to see such articles posted, thanks Wendy and Daintree Estates.

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