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There was never gluten in chocolate!


…These indications don’t need to be written in capital letters at the front of the packaging, but at least be found somewhere on the back so that consumers don’t have to take guesses 🍫❓

via Sharon Terenzi op Instagram: “I have once heard an experienced fine chocolate retailer say: “If your chocolate is anything FREE-from or VEGAN, write it on the…”


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Our chocolate grows on trees.


picture: Daintree Estates

Good chocolate: this distinction may not be pertinent to anyone with serious cocoa cravings on their way to the supermarket for a quick fix, albeit of the mass-produced kind. For the casual consumer, chocolate is chocolate.

via The life and times of chocolate-making | SBS Food


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Industrial chocolate bars, busted!


via Forbrugerrådet Tænk tests dark chocolate for cadmium, lead and mineral oils


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Cacao is being reborn into chocolate :)


via Madeline Weeks op Instagram: “Can you spot the difference? The lower bean is not fully fermented. The producers of PoitĂ© Centro taught me to tell based on the seed…”


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Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar


via Askinosie Chocolate Releases Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar | Springfield | Feast Magazine


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A changing environment and climate.


A changing environment and climate

via Chocolate and agroforestry accelerate in El Salvador


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The ethics of a chocolate bar are as important as its flavor.


via This Harvard chocolate scholar wants you to eat better chocolate |


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