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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

“An exceedingly rare ‘Acriollado’ type of cacao found in one impoverished and isolated area of Ecuador…

An exceedingly rare ‘Acriollado’ type of cacao found in one impoverished and isolated area of Ecuador. This cacao has been cultivated for at least 150 years in isolation from Ecuadorian ‘Nacional’ cacao. This is one of the few examples of a truly heirloom cacao, a variety that has been passed down from generation to generation in isolation from introgression. Sadly this term, heirloom cacao, has been repeatedly misused due to ignorance and desire for marketability.
In recent decades this cacao has been cut down and replaced with oil palm and other more productive crops. Even worse, during the last 10 years, free or heavily subsidized CCN-51 trees have been provided for these communities and are quickly gaining traction. Through proximity and cross pollination, the genetic characteristics of the few remaining stands of these trees will be gradually eroded. These farmers never received any economic reward for growing their traditional cacao variety and because it is slower growing and more susceptible to disease, you can hardly blame them for replacing it. Fortunately, we rescued several dozen fruits and have just started seeding these trees for establishment on the Costa Esmeraldas farm. Also, Hawaii Cacao Foundation used its USDA import permit to bring clean, healthy seeds to Hawaii for preservation and propagation in the disease free climate of the islands. Once multiplied, seeds and scion will made available to the public, no hoarding, trademarking, or other unscrupulous practices. Not just talk, marketing buzzwords, or hype – evidence based decisions and action.

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Review: Marou – Bên Tre 78% (****) |

A rainy, dull sunday morning. The kind of day you wish you could be wandering on a sunny beach somewhere on a tropical island. Anyway, that is not going to happen today, so why not review a bar of chocolate. I know I still have some in the cupboard! To be honest, I already had the chance to taste this particular bar of brown gold. During the Origin Chocolate Event in Amsterdam, it was paired with rum. I was impressed back than, but after a full day of chocolate tasting my taste buds became a bit overloaded, so I needed to taste it again. On its own this time. Without distractions. Chocolate made in Vietnam might sound weird. Chocolate, in Vietnam? Most people won’t even know cacao is growing there. Don’t be ashamed, I didn’t know either until some months ago! The Bên Tre bar is a 78% chocolate, so a fairly high percentage. It is made from cacao beans grown near the Mekong Delta. Marou keeps close contact with the farmers who produce the beans. Their farmers ferment the cacao on the

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Geert Vercruysse Selection – Chocolate Reviews

Undoubtably one of my chocolate highlights of 2010. If you ever get the chance to try a Geert Vercruysse Selection I can assure you, you won’t regret it!

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No other food can conjure up a response like chocolate. 

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Steve DeVries, owner of DeVries Chocolate.  

We are proud to present the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award to Steve DeVries, owner of DeVries Chocolate. Steve is recognized as one of the founders of the craft chocolate movement in North America and he has been a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to chocolate makers around the world. We honor Steve DeVries for his personal passion, professional dedication, and critical contribution to the artisan chocolate industry. Thank you Steve!

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The African continent has never been on the wish list of craft chocolate makers.

The African continent has never been on the wish list of craft chocolate makers.
The poor quality of the cacao grown has always drifted the attention to other exotic destinations.
Everything changed when two young adventurers decided to break this vicious cycle.
Thanks to the determination and transparency of Simran and Brian from @kokoakamili, now also Africa can begin the journey in becoming an appreciated place of origin for fine cacao 🌱🏆
The chain of missed opportunities for African cocoa farmers has finally been broken.
In today’s article, you learn more about Kokoa Kamili and what makes their cocoa beans so popular among craft chocolate makers from all over the world 🍫👐
What chocolate bars made with Tanzanian cacao have YOU tried? 👇

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The best natural heat container…

Peeling back the curtain on a ferment one day after the fully aerobic phase started. The oxidation of ethanol to acetic acid is highly exothermic and has increased the temperature of the fermenting mass to just over 50 C. The heat and acetic acid have started to scorch the banana leaves and you can smell the vinegar in the air before you get close to the box. If you look closely, you can see some beans are bleeding purple pigment. This indicates that cell death and lysis inside the seeds has begun, and the complex cascade of enzymatic and other chemical reactions that produce the precursors to chocolate flavor are under way.




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