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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

Chocolade zal eerlijk zijn, of niet zijn.

Traag maar zeker beseffen voedings­giganten dat ze niet anders zullen kunnen dan mee op de kar van de fair trade te springen. Want de cacaosector zit op zijn tandvlees en de kritische consument lust liever chocolade met een schoon geweten.

Bron: Chocolade zal eerlijk zijn, of niet zijn – De Standaard


Fancy Chocolate versus Cheap Stuff

Put down the Hershey’s. Once you read this, you might not ever want to waste a dollar on one of those flimsy bars again.We understand that those artisan truffle chocolates and lavender-infused confections are a decadent and costly investment. We know you read online that dark chocolate had antioxidant-boosting power. And we bet you figured Nestle’s cheap dark chocolate morsels were enough to fit the bill.[related]

Bron: Fancy Chocolate Is Way Healthier Than the Cheap Stuff


You’ll fit right in if…

Bron: Well Tempered Group Guidelines – Google Docs


This Chocolate Company Helps Save Endangered Lemurs in Madagascar

Brooklyn-based Madécasse has created a safe haven for the animals in their cacao plantations.
Chocolate: Humans have been eating for almost 4,000 years and we love it so much we go out of our way to try convince ourselves it’s actually the healthiest food on the planet. But, what if the delicious chocolate we crave could do more than just taste good (or possibly benefit our brains when consumed in the correct quantities)? For instance, what if your favorite chocolate also benefitted local endangered species? Well, that’s exactly what Brooklyn-based Madécasse is doing with lemurs in Madagascar.

“90 percent of Madagascar’s plants and animals are indigenous, but so many of the trees have been cut down and so many of the species are dying out,” says Madécasse’s marketing director, Sarah Shah. “So what we’re finding is that since we’re working with the farmers to plant more of these trees and replenish areas that are deforested, we’re also creating a natural habitat for endangered species.”

Bron: This Chocolate Company Helps Save Endangered Lemurs in Madagascar | Food & Wine


The Chocolate Cartography Project

good chocolateStarts with youLearn More

Bron: The Chocolate Cartography Project


“De la tierra,del árbol,de la finca,a la barra…”

De la tierra,del árbol,de la finca,a la barra.Prueba el sabor de nuestra tierra, planeta…

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“The taste of chocolate depends on a number of factors…”

“The taste of chocolate depends on a number of factors such as the genetics of the cacao bean, as well as how much time you leave it to ferment and dry. This is what really makes the difference. It’s not about the mix-ins”. Local producers like the Arhuaco people are learning how to do it working hand by hand with our experts.

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