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Its all about chocolate and cocoa with a conscience.

American Craft Chocolate


Even though Hershey absorbed Scharffen Berger in 2005, the seed of a new movement had been planted.
Among the very first US craft chocolate makers we could find companies like @patricchocolate@amanochocolate and @askinosie. Capturing the potential of the cacao bean became a fascinating journey for many, and by 2016 there were at least 150 craft chocolate makers in the US…

via Sharon Terenzi op Instagram: “Reading about the history of American Craft Chocolate in @dandelionchocolate’s book “Making Chocolate” 🍫🤓📘 Summarizing from the book: It…”


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Chocolate Shouldn’t Be Cheap – Eater

We’re used to paying about $1 for a bar of chocolate. But that price undercuts the farmer, the flavor, and the finesse that it takes to make good chocolate. To understand why many craft chocolate makers have adopted the direct-trade model — and higher prices — let’s look at how Big Chocolate works with farmers.

An excerpt from ‘Bean to Bar: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution’

Bron: Chocolate Shouldn’t Be Cheap – Eater


The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Food of the Gods, by Brandon Head

Bron: The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Food of the Gods, by Brandon Head


Chocolade bij het ontbijt boost je hersenen – Libelle

Wij houden van chocolade. We zouden het de hele dag door kunnen eten. Uit onderzoek blijkt nu dat chocolade bij het ontbijt goed is voor je hersenen. Nu hebben we eindelijk een goed excuus!

Bron: Chocolade bij het ontbijt boost je hersenen – Libelle


Georg Bernardini im Interview über Schokolade

Fast zehn Kilo Schokolade essen die Deutschen jährlich. Aber was nehmen wir da eigentlich zu uns? Georg Bernardini erklärt im Interview, was drin sein sollte, was nicht – und was jetzt aus den Osterhasen wird.

Bron: Georg Bernardini im Interview über Schokolade


D7, Togo,  Jaguars, & win chocolate!

Bron: D7, Togo,  Jaguars, & win chocolate!


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